View Full Version : Slightly uneven chest question..

11-10-11, 7:09 pm
I had a shoulder repair 2 years ago on my right rotator cuff and ever since then, once I was able to return to the gym, I've noticed my chest is growing faster on my left side. I really believe its due to my right shoulder not being in the natural position as it was before I got injured..therefor unconsciously changing my form on my right side. I feel like it makes me hit a different part of my right pec. Although I concentrate on strict, even form, I feel like theres not much I can do to even myself out. I get tons of mixed responses about uni lateral or focused pec workouts on one side only, because our chest is suppose to work in unison an all ha.. anyone have any suggestions? Thanks guys.

Back To Basics
11-10-11, 9:40 pm
If you can't get the same amount of stimulation on your injured side than there is no other choice than to use dumbbells or hammer strength machines that mimic dumbbells man, barbells are great but it just won't cut it.