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11-16-11, 7:13 am
This thread was inspired by a separate thread, and since this is about diet/living/training I put it in the LIVE category.

So guys, what is everyone's remedy when stuck in the slumps either mentally/physically or both - and in a over trained state.

If your posting in this thread I'm assuming you know what it feels like to be over trained, I don't want posts saying how you are more under rested and under fed etc - Yes, that is a contributing factor but sometimes even if your eating like a maniac sleeping like a bear and doing everything under the sun to ensure you are at 100% you still fall into an over trained state. There's only so much beating your body can take for an extended period of time without breaking down on you.

So whats the "secret" to it? Share what you do with your Diet, Sleep, Supplementation and training - What do you do mentally to recover from bad workouts and loss of motivation? I think this would be a great round table and many could contribute from it if it were pinned. If you want to know what it feels like to be over training just ask and I'm sure many will respond.

11-16-11, 8:20 am
For me, the primary way i know that ive been hitting it too hard for too long is by listening to my body...

Burnout is a reality but its different for every body... some can go hard for half a year with no signs of overtraining, some only last 4 weeks before theyre messed up, its dependant on so many factors, rest, intensity, diet etc etc etc.. that i think there is no set staple method that anyone can follow...

for example, deloading... many gurus say to deload every 4-6 weeks, sure, i can see the reason in that but what happens if you step in the gym on your deload week & your feeling the best you have in your training cycle? you miss out chances for progress this way, similarly, what if your feeling run down the week before your deload, would you chance trying to push it & risk injury?

just do what FEELS right to you, not what someone tells you too... you are your own measure.

regarding what to do if your burned out, take some time off, but not too much & still keep cardio up, to keep you in some familiarity with your training... get some new music for training, watch training videos, cheat on your diet, do something else with your time that youve been meaning to catch up on & have been neglecting like seeing friends & family...

then when the bug bites again, and it will, hit an espresso, drive to the gym screaming bloody murder as the radio pounds out some good music & get ur ass back under the bar, grip & rip...and watch that iron fly....

11-16-11, 3:51 pm
I just back off. Skip a workout. Skip a week. Focus on sleeping.

I'm currently on a 3x a week plan but I've been running HRT on and off for the last 20 months and even 3x a week well eventually burn you out. I just skip the gym. I still focus on eating well and might even clean up the diet a little more. I'll double down on Pak. Eventually you feel ready to hit it again.

I don't get into the gym just for fun - I have a goal to grow. So if I'm not growing then its time to rest.