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11-23-11, 10:32 am
What are your current goals? Short term and long term?

I started my cut aiming to get down to 180-185lbs. I've now got down to 185lbs slightly ahead of schedule, so I'm going to keep on going until I reach 180lbs (or maybe even lower).

Since I've almost reached this, I'm obviously starting to think about my next target. The simple answer is "clean bulk" - especially since I've always had weight issues, and also had an eating disorder a few years ago - it's going to have to be a spotless bulk.

Less simple - I'm thinking 20lbs of muscle gains in the coming year. Now, since this is my first "clean bulk", I'm not sure if I'm cutting myself short here, or if I'm being too ambitious. If I target 2lbs a month then I think I should keep most of the fat off.

My last bulk was dirty. I didn't even realise how dirty it was until I ended up looking in the mirror and thinking "That guy does not look like he hits the gym!" It's fair to say I won't do that again - but we learn from our mistakes.

If I'm being too ambitious, or too conservative, then let me know your opinion.

What's everyone else's current/future goals?

Dave TapouT
11-27-11, 9:33 pm
Currently 5'8" 175... Trying to get up to 210... I'm not worried about gaining some fat mass. I can easily cut it off come spring. I'm still new to this, so there is room for improvement for me. not worried about it... I read up on shit daily, and hit the gym with everything I got.

I got a great physique right now... but, I want mass... Bigger... Stronger. its just whats up!

Back To Basics
11-28-11, 12:51 am
Just came of a long ass cut - was fatter than I thought, actually just got back into bulk style eating today - slowly adding in calories, if I went to my bulking meal plan right now I'd swell up like a pig and gain 5lbs fat easy.

Want to gain quality size while keeping fat gain as low as possible, I do give a shit about gaining fat because I've realized how damn hard and long it takes to shed weight and keep all your muscle. Not fun - time to train !

11-28-11, 8:19 am
I do give a shit about gaining fat because I've realized how damn hard and long it takes to shed weight and keep all your muscle. Not fun


11-30-11, 6:44 am
Current goals short term are to continue sorting out my meals (ratio protein, carbs, fats) for that "magic formula" as thats something I'm still workout out.

For next year, train harder, rest/sleep more, eat more....grow!! Sounds easy to some, those on here know it isn't "that" simple. I haven't got a certain "X" weight I want to be next year, as will play it by feel and how things look. Ideally being just on 6ft & weighing around the 82>84 kgs mark now, would like to be in the 90's but again, see how things pan out.