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01-04-12, 8:11 pm
I just ordered the Animal Rage Sample Kit, and the Universal Daily Formula from Bodybuilding.com. And I noticed at the bottom of the page a video interview. The guys name was Mike Van Wyke. And he happens to be an IFBB Pro, and a Universal sponsored athlete.

He gave a candid, thorough interview. And he provided a solid overview of his particular Animal stacking regimen. The Van Wyke interview was really helpful to me as I plan on using more Animal Pak, and other Universal products.

Due to the solid, near miraculous, performance of the first Animal Pak I bought, I was convinced that this company gets it right. I look forward to more great results from your products.


01-05-12, 8:52 am
Looking forward to seeing how the products work for ya

01-05-12, 5:14 pm
Looking forward to seeing how the products work for ya

You could also post a review under the Animal Rage section.

01-05-12, 5:52 pm
Good shit man. Mike "Wyked" Van Wyck is a good dude with a ton of info to offer!