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Fearless Rabbit
01-11-12, 4:08 pm
Just because you`re breathing, doesn't mean you are alive.
Just because you lie down, doesn't mean you sleep.
Just because you go to work, doesn't mean you have a career.
Just because you study, doesn't mean you learn.
Just because you learn, doesn't mean you know.
Just because you know, doesn't mean you can teach.
Just because you listen, doesn't mean you hear.
Just because you have people around you, doesn't mean you have friends.
Just because you have nobody, doesn't mean you`re an individual.
Just because you go to the gym, doesn't mean you are working out.
Just because you put food in your mouth, doesn't mean you are eating.
Just because you gain weight, doesn't mean you`re gaining muscle.
Just because you loose weight, doesn't mean you`re loosing fat.

Just because you`re doing things, doesn't mean you`re doin` them right.
And it ain`t just about doing things, its about doing them right. This is what bodybuilding thought me. This is what you guys thought me. Thank you all for that.

I just had to spit this shit out. Feel free to add your thoughts brothers.

01-11-12, 10:25 pm
Just because. So much meaning behind these words brother.

01-11-12, 11:51 pm
Good post. Truth.

01-12-12, 10:26 am
Good post brother.
Brutal truth.

01-12-12, 5:32 pm
Good shit. Deep.