View Full Version : Progressive overload, for hypertrophy?

01-22-12, 4:55 pm
I want a yes or no, with a reason.

None of this "duhhh carrnage" or "why wouldnt we believe in progressive overload carny!" haha

Lets hear a reason

Ill input on my answer when we have a few post in this.

I feel this will answer alot of your guy's questions / frustrations on why its so hard to build muscle.

Back To Basics
01-22-12, 5:41 pm
Yes, depends what your definition of progressive overload is - some people's might be YEAH HEAVY WEIGHT HEAVY WEIGHT ALL THE TIME.

I see progressive overload as just training hard and pushing it every time you train.

01-23-12, 1:58 am
To make it quick, why would your body adapt and grow if your throwing the same thing at it every week?