View Full Version : Avatars

01-22-12, 6:03 pm
Who knows how to change your avatar on here? i don't think i even have one.

N. Motta
01-22-12, 7:25 pm
You mean like a picture that's next to your name?

01-22-12, 7:40 pm
You don't. People who have them have earned them. Like the Rage ones. Those guys kept special Rage Journeys when the product first started.

N. Motta
01-22-12, 7:43 pm
That's what I was thinking they were. Yea, we don't have them. They can take up extra bandwidth.

01-22-12, 8:28 pm
Oh i see! thanks guys!

Universal Rep
02-01-12, 3:15 pm
Oh i see! thanks guys!

Yup... Here, it ain't about the fancy avatar. You make ur mark with ur words...