View Full Version : Upstate NY gyms

02-13-12, 8:52 am
Hey bros. Anyone live around Webster/Rochester area? Looking for a gym. My grandmother goes to the Y... but not really what i'm looking for lol. I'll be up there about 2 weeks out from my show, so gotta find a gym to go train at. Any good ones around?

02-13-12, 9:11 am
Sorry boss, I'm more NE of that in Oswego.

03-13-12, 11:08 am
There's unfortunately very little around Rochester. There are a couple Gold's and World gyms and many athletic clubs, which are pretty bogus, for the big box type. I do believe there's a Gold's in Webster though... probably one of your best bets. There's a place called Samson's on Ridge Road near downtown that is supposed to have a decent bodybuilding history. Never checked it out though b/c from what little I found the fees were pretty outrageous.

I've been going to my local high school gym for the past couple years b/c it's "free" to residents in the school district. Pretty well setup for a school, has everything except for a pec dec machine and anything for calves... gotta improvise. I'd invite you to come with while you're here but non-residents are verboten!