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03-05-12, 6:41 pm
"It was amazing. My feet hurt."

But really... this is how things went down:


Nothing quite like waking up at 4am, knowing that you're gonna be on the road by 5 with Flower. In in an emphatic stroke of Byzantine whimsy, he actually made it to my place on time. We then made the trip down to Joliet and met up at Phil's place. Packed all of our stuff into his car, and off we went. Got into C-Bus around 2 or so, and destroyed some chicken tenders at Raising Cane's. Checked into our hotel after that, and I proceeded to pass the fuck out. Woke up, got a solid meal in, and we were off to Metro. Met up with Rob, Derek, Dane, Josh, and... well... everyone else out there. Hit up some flatty boom boom. Solid singles with 335 and 345. I'll take it. Hit up Max and Erma's post, and destroyed cookies alongside a fuck-awesome burger. Insert food coma here.

Got to the Expo nice and early. Flaunting our Exhibitor badges, myself, Phil, Flower, and Mr. Dead got in, and made our way over to the Cage. After all of the initial meet and greets with the rest of the crew, we went to work. As soon as we all got settled, I made my way back out to the lines and rounded up the interns that were only working the one day. We got back in, and I made my way to The Shop. Once the doors opened, all hell broke loose. People made their way over to The Cage in droves, and we were off. After a little bit of time at The Shop, I get called over to The Cage. The video feed for UStream went down, and they needed a professional nerd to take a look. After poking around with how crappy UStream is, Rob and I got it up and running. I spent pretty much the rest of the day with the NAUT, G, and Travis P monitoring / tweaking things. Once the Expo let out, we made our way back to Metro, and Rob, BamBam, Derek, and myself it up shoulders, and other various exercises that let to our overall sex appeal.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/417298_634484521056_28500920_33102023_1966016229_n .jpg - Cable Side laterals make you sexy.

Post-workout eats were at BD's, and by the time I was done eating, I could see into the future.

Once again, got there early, then rounded up the one-day interns. Today was the most-insane day I have ever witnessed. The LE Cage shirts were gone in 5 minutes. More or less, the rest of my day was spent in The Shop, where we sold so. damn. much. By the end of the day, we had pretty much sold out of everything, and according to Aggs, this was the most stuff they have ever brought to C-Bus. That's a pretty damn good problem to have. Saturday night was the National ABC, where Aggs, BamBam, Derek, ghost, me, and a few others hit up deads. I ended up grooving 550, and then bitched during 585.

https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/423255_634485124846_28500920_33102044_2081072388_n .jpg - The result of standing/walking/running around all day, accompanied by 2 meals. Bitchtastic.

Sunday was... dare I say... laid back. With most-everything sold out at The Shop, I was able to take in the whole Expo a bit. I got to see Bobby Fields and his crew pull some straight-up ridiculous amounts of weight. Went back to The Shop afterwards, and in a little bit, we had completely sold out, which was freaking ridiculous. After all was said and done, it was finally time to head out. We said all of our final goodbyes, and we made our way back to Chicago.

I simply cannot thank everyone over at Corporate enough to let me be an intern all three days. It was an absolute blast, and I couldn't ask for anything more.

One year 'til the next Cage...

Universal Rep
03-05-12, 6:48 pm
Next year, Corporate better bring more shirts...

Mr. Dead
03-05-12, 7:49 pm
It was really great to hang with ya this weekend, and work the Shop together...!!! However... NEXT time... At BD's... We sit at the same table... *LOL*

03-05-12, 8:35 pm
It was great meeting you and getting to talk about brewing too. I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be after all the traveling, working the expo all three days, and hitting Metro every night. But like Mr. Dead said on Sunday, it's the good type of exhausted. Be sure to let me know how your milk stout and the APA turn out.

03-05-12, 8:48 pm
I still have a pump from those side cable raises. Pure sexiness took place in the gym Friday.

03-07-12, 1:47 am
Amazing time as always.


Only Razor and Nix are going to get this, ha ha ha ha ha.

Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
03-07-12, 2:23 am
15 dolla!!! No, its 30 dollars sir. 15 dolla!!!! Anni-ma cut 15 dolla!

03-09-12, 4:13 pm
Good shit Nix. Thanks for everything in the shop bro.

03-09-12, 4:25 pm
Nice writeup Nix. It was great working with ya in The Shop and talking shop about things. You made those deads look easy on Sat. night. What's your max?