View Full Version : Seath308 + Justin Randal Squat Exhibition VIDEO!

03-12-12, 2:21 am
This is a awesome video that was made for Justin and I. I am very happy with how the squats went. I tried to make sure I made each lift as Legit as possible. Squats were Buried!


Also got a article wrote on the Exibition at Powerliftingwatch.com


03-12-12, 2:53 am
Still one of my favorite moments of the cage. It was great to watch, and great to meet and work with you! Can't wait to see what the future brings!

03-12-12, 4:00 pm
Video came out great. Caleb is a good dude.

03-13-12, 3:19 am
damn man, makin 800 look easy!! top stuff brother, cant wait to one day see this action in person..

Justin Randal
03-14-12, 2:34 am
Video came out great. Caleb is a good dude.

Indeed he is!

03-14-12, 4:09 pm
Two strong freaks from the West Coast that put on a sick display, cant wait to see what they do next year

03-14-12, 4:12 pm
That is now on my veiwing list when Im getting ready to go to the gym!!! THANKS FOR THE PSYCH UP!!!