View Full Version : Muamba and Kelly - life in perspective

03-19-12, 2:25 pm
I know the vast majority of you guys are over the pond, but I thought I'd just post something quickly about the sad goings ons in the world of football (or soccer - but really, if you're the only nation in the world that calls it something else then you're probably wrong... Haha).

Fabrice Muamba was playing in a FA Cup match, when all of a sudden he went down in the middle of the pitch. No one near him. Medics ran on and immediately begain giving CPR and using a defibrillator. He was taken to hospital, and thankfully, 2 days later, there is word of "small signs of improvement". Here's hoping he continues to make a full recovery.

Liam Kelly was part of an amazing underdog story this weekend. Kilmarnock vs Celtic - Celtic are one of the big 2 Glasgow clubs. And on Sunday Kilmarnock beat the odds and managed to sneak a 1-0 win to lift the Scottish League Cup. However, during the celebrations Liam Kelly's father collapsed and a few short hours later passed away.

Terrible reminders of how short life is, and how someone can be cut down in their prime.

Stay strong brothers!

Joe J
03-21-12, 6:34 pm
Yep mate you're right! One life, so knuckle down and get on with it!