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03-08-07, 9:55 pm
First of all let me say hello to all my brothers of iron. How appropriate it is to call this our "journey" because thats exactly what it is. We are all heading toward a destination whether it be to get God-aweful massive to shredded to the bone. Sometimes there are bumps in the road but as it was said on this very thread we support one another. Whether it be through diet or training advice or in the form of an encouraging word from one of the guys on this forum. We who live for the feeling of cold steel in our hands are a rare breed and if we can't have support within our own world among eachother we have nothing because I know that the average joe has no idea what living this life is like....choking down more food in one day than most people consume withing several days and training balls to the wall. I tip my hat to each and every one of you and I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit of you goals. Since we are all duscussing our journey I'll just give you a brief overview of mine......Here is how my day went:

Incline Barbell Presses 3x12-10
Flat Hammerstrength Presses 2x12-10
Incline fly's 2x12-10
cable fly's 2x20-15(squeezing for a second or two as the hands come together finishing the movement)

Seated Dumbbell shoulder presses 2x10-8
Dumbbell lateral raises 2x10-8
Reverse Pec Deck 2x10-8

Skull crushers 3x10-8
Pushdowns 2x20-15
Dips 1xFailure

well there it is fellas so I'll shut up and get outa your ears. Best of luck to all of you in your journey and I look forward to your contributions to not only this forum but to my own journey piece!!!

03-08-07, 11:34 pm
its truth bro. its not easy, most of the times it aint pretty, but doing what we do takes someone special, and i tip my hat right back to you. good luck on your journey bro, cant wait to see what else you have in store. stay strong. peace.

03-17-07, 1:23 am
Well,Its me again and once again I send out my well wishes to all my brothers or iron. I spent all day long at work throwing around heavy ass boxes and listening to people bitch, now normally that aggrivates me but today was extra irritating because my upper and midback were so incredibly sore,I was carb depleted, and above all just wanted to sit down and fucking eat!!!!!!!Well fellas thats just another part of the journey. I'm not lucky enough to have training be the only thing I have to do during my day. I have my day job that I have to deal with along with being a college student. Trust me fellas I'm not complaining because to me training and eating is not my burden.
Training is the only thing that keeps me from going insane. I live for the feeling of cold steel in my hands and no amount of study,work or anything else will stand in my way I AM AN ANIMAL!!!These are the words I speak again and again over and over in my head all throughout my day and when a moment of weakness comes along or a time when I feel tired I remind myself that I have a responsibility to myself to keep going because in the end...the steel is all I have. I say all that just to get this point across....NEVER let anything stand in your way. Let nothing stop you from achieving what it is you most long for.Never give up and never give in you are an animal and it is your duty to yourself to keep pushing through. Stay strong,train hard and keep your eyes fixed on your goals. Full speed ahead thats the only way. Destroy all doubt and crush all fear......Peace my brothers!!!

01-16-08, 8:58 pm
well brothers its been a while since i posted much of anything. i've been training DC style for almost a years time now and the gains have been absolutely phenonomal. at first of course you don't think that just those 5 pound incriments on lifts each time round is all that much until you look back at your log book after about 4 or 5 months and realize..."damn i've put 30 pounds or more on each lift!''. anyway fellas i'll be back on soon so good luck and keep pumpin!

02-04-08, 10:49 pm
so many times i've been in the gym and been foreced to listened to little high school kids stand around between their 15 sets of bench presses and talk about "man my max is.........". Good God i wanted to beat their little asses, drag them outside and string them up from the flag pole by their underwear to display their patheticness to the world. i mean you don't go to the gym to impress anybody you go there to work. so who gives a shit about how much you can bench? No one who know's anything gives a shit!!!!!!!!!

04-23-10, 9:50 pm
As I look around I see nothing but people every day that blindly do as other tell them without trying to wrap their own brain around what's goin on. People who go into the gym, not to mention everywhere else, and go through the motions with shitty form, no plan, and never going anywhere near failure much less beyond and they wonder why they aren't growing. Nothing in this life worth having comes without pain. This is the truth of our lives. Those afraid of pain will never know glory. I see the looks in their eyes as they walk by me in the gym, when they see me approach a loaded barbell ready to do deads until my eyes bleed, they see a 250 pound behemoth, but what they can't see is the rage behind my eyes and in my soul. Those who with to become a beast must tap into this, become the monster that lies dormant in your mind. You must released the animal that is withiin you. Don't ever give in. Failure is the key to success. Don't give in until you're muscles will no longer contract, complete and total refractory mode. Give everything you have on your work sets whether you train at high volume or low volume(which I prefer low volume high intensity). To all those out there who have experienced the trauma that I discribe I solute you, to those who haven't I challenge you to try, and finally to those too weak and mindless and fearful to do so...May you stay small and live forever.

peace out brothers,

"The Brownville Behemoth"

06-03-10, 3:20 pm
I rolled out of bed this morning with my back as sore as a ten cent whore makeing five dollars a day with a nickle back rebate. Last night was brutal. I began the session with a pre-exhaust superset of machine pullovers complete with forced reps and palms-in pulldowns with a static hold to polish them off..both to absolute failure with blood curdleing intensity. Next up was HammerStrength Unliateral rows...squeezing out ten reps plus a few negatives for good measure with each side. Next on the menu was T-bar rows squeezing out reps to failure. I polished off my lats with narrow grip cable rows done tripe drop set style until my lats would no longer contract. To finish off the night was a superset of hyperextentions and deadlifts. After that I downed some simple carbs a protein shake drove home and had a pound of chicken breasts a cup of rice and two cups of broccili. Keep in mind that each rep of every set is done with a four second positive and a four second negative causeing massive amounts of trauma to your muscle fibers. Pain=growth...no question about it..whether you are like me and adhire to low volume or like many others and train with hight volume..its all about intensity!!!!!!