View Full Version : Haack's back on the Attack!

04-22-12, 11:00 am
Well well well Brothers, its been too long. I am guilty of not visiting for awhile and keeping up with the few who have viewed the few posts I have had. Update: I am currently 239 exact and feeling fuller than i ever have before. My legs have really improved with the beautiful stretch marks to show for all the efforts I have put my joints through. Currently deployed but only 78 days until I am out of the military. The gyms descent. Try to stay focus and not let the looks and the big egos distract me from doing work. For work out wise I just got done doing a 8 wk prgrm 'Get Jacked' it helped me out a lot/ For now i am doing my own thing. I have to make due with whats available the hardest part is trying to hit all my meals. The food here is terrible, get so tired of eating the same things over n over again. Its a real character builder, but all i have to tell myself is, how bad do I want it?

currently taking AnimalPak, Flex...rage should be here soon. just got done with the Real Gains, Backon Whey, and Post: Torrent.


Joe J
04-22-12, 4:12 pm
Welcome back brother :)