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05-05-12, 1:07 am
I have purchased an Inzer powerlifting belt and can not figure out what i'm doing wrong, i made it secure and went to lift and it restricts my movements?

05-05-12, 1:19 am
this is my personal opinion but you dont even need a belt with the weight uve listed in your sig. i myself never allowed myself to purchase a belt until my squat was over the 500lb mark and deadlift over 600, which was decently recent. focus on your technique, it takes a long time but keep after it and make sure your focusing on it every time you touch a bar. i say ditch the belt until your lifts are up, strengthen those abs, take big belly breaths and push out hard against em.

but, if your deadset on using a belt at this stage in your lifting, it takes a while to get used to lifting with a belt. simply give it time just like everything else

J Wong
05-05-12, 1:26 am
Are you using a lever belt or a pronged belt? How tight do you have it? Is it 10mm or 13mm? You might simply just not be used to it..what movements are you using it for?

05-05-12, 3:09 am
first time i used a 4" belt i felt like it was restricting me a bit too, the inzer forever belts are tough leather and would take a while to break in before it feels more natural. At the same time though I like the discomfort because then I know that the gear is working and I actually hate that my belt has gotten soft and comfy, lol.
I wouldn't suggest waiting till your dead is over 600 to use a belt, especially if you're a lightweight. How much do you weigh?

P Diesel
05-05-12, 5:10 pm
it takes sum time to get used to training with a belt bro. with a new belt it is extremely hard. it is gna b uncomfortable while u train for quite a while. second, if it is restricting ur movement then it may b too close to ur hips. is it a lever belt? if so it may just be too tight... is it restricting ur breathing as well?

i agree with the idea of not using a belt until ur last one or two sets in order to strengthen ur core as a whole.