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05-13-12, 11:13 pm
Ten sure fire steps to stay a fat skinny whining twerp by Charles Poliquin

1. Be delusional about being fast-twitch, despite the facts that your forearms can clean a pipe, have the calf development of a parrot, and I can barely slip a credit card under your feet when you do a vertical jump.

2. Do the plank as your primary core exercice.

3. Do three total body workouts a week. Stay away from split routines, you will gain size and mass on them.

4. Fear training more than once a day.

5. Eat carbs & casein while you train

6. Stop lifting the bar as soon as it decelerates.

7. Worry about getting enough carbs in your diet.

8. Assume that every strong athlete who trains more than once a day is a steroid freak.

9. Piss and moan that good supplements are expensive.

10. Read everything on strength training but keep debating successful strength coaches on why you keep following the given above nine steps.

Love Charles Poliquins' content!

05-14-12, 9:37 am
LOL, love this. Unfortunately I know several people like this hahaha.

05-14-12, 9:48 am
This has pretty much made my day Lols

05-14-12, 10:54 am
sounds like the usual gym talk!

05-14-12, 5:29 pm
Glad you guys like it! Made me giggle aswell.

Joe J
05-14-12, 5:31 pm
Did Carrnage just do something that made me smile? :0