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05-18-12, 5:00 pm
2012. Wasn't the fucking world susposed to be gone by now?? Back in 1992, we all thought robots would be driving taxis, computer chips would be in our heads, and cars would be able to fly from Metoflex Gym in Texas to Golds Gym in Connecticut.

As a young child back then, the world was such an overwhelming place to me. School seemed like it would never end, summer seemed to go too quick, and Christmas seemed to take forever to get to.

Elementary school was rough..i'm not gonna make up a fable and say it was full of happy times and candy every day. Some days were good, while others were quite the polar opposite. Kids getting their noses busted in the bathrooms, teachers freaking out and throwing desks at kids, cigarettes and drugs pushed on you every day, every minute, every area of the playground. Kids being chased home and stomped, windows of your parent's cars busted by kids who hated eachother, death threats to any new student who dared raise their hands in class.
But you overcome and remained strong. There was no one to help you...you were in control of your life...you were responisble for protecting yourself. And you grew up. The beatings and drug pushing was still there, but you learned how to ignore it happening to the other weaker kids.

High school was good...a time to get away from your upbringings and create a new life....away from your family...away from your hometown. Junior year and up, you were responsible for your rent. If you didnt pay your water bill...or your gas bill...guess what...life sucked...but you overcame.
Even though you were not in grade school anymore, the temptations were there still...but now there were new risks...newer drugs...new prostitutes...sometimes a woman could be a man...nothing was as it seemed...but you had to see what was really there.

After graduating high school, I spent some time in the USMC...my hard work ethic was strengthened...my bonds grew deep with my fellow marines...life was about taking it to the max...i loved it-wanted a 24/7 iv of that lifestyle in my body...couldnt get enough of it

after i did my time i the corp, i decidd to get back into my first love...the martial arts
i spent 2 years in thailand and other parts i would rather not mention...i trained from morning to night in mua thai, and the training was the hardest i ever experienced...but to be honest, the more i bled, the more bones i broke, the more deep pain i endured...the more i craved it. Coming back here and seeing dudes bitching about being tired from their low carb diets and their early morning fasted treadmill walks makes me laugh...what the fuck ever. Take a plane ride over and have your stomach smashed over and over by a lunatic's leg, then lets have a protein shake together. i think there is an empty shaker bottle laying by the rats in the alley next to the room i lived in for 2 years. hungry for another shake?? rinse that shaker bottle out thats in the sink--dont be scared of the roaches on it

I always had dreams and i always new id make my dreams happen. growing up we never had money. shit, riding the city bus was normal to me...my high school graduation i remember my gown was dirty from a spilled soda on the bus ride over. i made that asshole apologize to me .

Flash forward to many years after high school, yeah i had my money. i had more money than i knew what to do with. my problems changed...instead of worrying about having enough food to last the month, now i worried about making the wrong choice of weekend car-new bmw, or new mercedes? fuck it...just get both.

my love of the iron grew as well
my love for life grew as well
my love for a new beginning grew as well.
the past built the hallways i have walked down my whole life...and are present to show me how to walk further...brick by brick, board by board...every step was created for a reason...every step that has been built protects me from falling into the mistakes of my past

05-18-12, 5:41 pm
Deep look into a long time forvm member.. Strong sonovabitch right here.. I don't have shit for stories to compare, except for the few I have of my time in the Army. However I know where your coming from, it makes me sick to see some bitch about shit that's not important. Like carbs, or not having the perfect equipment, or how long there work day was. Fuck. What happened to just goin hard and payin your fuckin dues to be strong as fuck? Physically & Mentally..

05-20-12, 2:42 pm
thank you.

Big Wides
05-21-12, 6:27 pm
pizza....these are strong and truthful words from a strong individual. this stuff gets me all fired up

05-21-12, 6:38 pm
Damn man. Normally you provide strong advice re: nutrition, training, etc., but this is a new look. Definitely adds some color to the persona. And true words were spoken.

But I know the thought on everyone's mind.... Did you decide on the Beamer or the Benz? If it were me, I'd probably do the BMW as Mercedes are a little too pretentious....

Just kiddding Pizza. Strong post.

05-25-12, 3:21 pm
thank you