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New York Pro
By: Anthony (Big Ant) DeAngelis

May 19th 2012 Anthony *Big Ant* DeAngelis Natural Pro Bodybuilder soon to be registered nurse is going to tell you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the New York Pro bodybuilding contest. Sit down make yourself an Ultra Whey Pro protein shake and enjoy my review!

At seven in the morning, I start my day out at Cracker Barrel for breakfast with my beautiful female companion. I had the Country Big Boy Breakfast. 8-ounce steak 3 scrambled egg whites a cup of grits half a cup of cinnamon cooked apples, hash browns, and four buttermilk biscuits. Two cups of coffee and three glasses of ice water with lemon was my meal one. Picking up DaveK and hid girlfriend at the Willow Grove exit on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at eight thirty in the morning. I packed my Ultra Iso Whey shake, an apple and two meals of rice and beef, and rice and chicken. One gallon of ice water and I was off. Driving on the Pennsylvania turnpike today to the New Jersey turnpike. Going through the Holland Tunnel and up through Canal street to the parking garage on Greenwich street. A block away from the venue. A good ride, made it seventy five minutes.

I will say it repeatedly…the “real” freaks are in the audience and outside of these bodybuilding shows! Many people “rocking” their extra small Affliction t-shirts, baggy shorts (maybe their gym does not have a squat rack or leg press) and brand new Nike Dual Fusion sneakers! Tons of hair products (gel and pomade) and lots of big jewelry was worn by these people/men. The females where either very, very muscular or thin built. All had tight jeans-SHORT shorts or mini skirts with ridiculously high heels.

212-Pound Men’s Class
1. Kevin English
2. Sami Ebrahim Ali Alhaddad
3. Jose Raymond
4. Marco Rivera

I was at pre judge 6th row from stage...Kevin was off, still good but off from his freaky hard-grainy trade mark condition. Sami was on, deserved first by far! George Faraha trained Sami. Sami's muscles had that "pop at you" when he flexed...very impressive! Jose was good, freaky big immense, cant keep your eyes off him with his freaky size, but was not very dry...His conditioning was off as well. nor ripped! Marco Rivera was on...round-hard cut-dry good poser, should have placed top 3! My good friend, and friends with Big Al Natural Pro Milt Holloway was also very good finished ninth. Could have easily been sixth-seventh….

How I saw it...
Marco Rivera-2

Men’s Open Class
Cedric McMilan-1
Johnny Jackson-2
Steve Kuclo-3
Juan Morel-4
Jon Delarosa-5

Cedric McMilan was over two hundred and sixty five pounds! Worked with Chris Aceto...deserved men's open by far! Big-hard-freaky-dry. Very Nice Guy! Spoke with him and got my picture with him after pre-judge...very humble! Best he looked to date. Freaky big monster-like arms, pecs and quads. A tight small waist and a wide back, a perfect ‘X” frame made him impossible to be beaten this day.

Johnny O Jackson was a good second; his legs came up by far! Old school bodybuilder, not many left within his starting time when he turned pro. Originally from NJ. The strongest bodybuilder is his title. He also holds many power-lifting records. Johnny trains with Branch Warren at Metroflex gym in Texas. They “throw” some heavy weights around during their training sessions. Johnny’s physique got harder and better/dryer as the pre judging went on. Good for him, glad to see him finish second.

Steve Kuclo, best legs-calves in the show, good pro debut 3rd place. Youngest person on stage. Kind of like a mini/younger Jay Cutler, huge legs-calves, a little thick waisted, pecs need to come up and his tan was very good, great stage presence! Also a very humble and nice person to talk to.

Juan Morel finished in fourth place, he works with Dave Palumbo. Very good placing. This guy eats crazy food, McDonalds, fried food etc...Very fast metabolism. A nice polished physique needs more size, will come with time! His muscles also have that “pop” when he flexes them, very impressive!

Jon Delarosa rounded out the fifth place. A very very good bodybuilder. He needs more time, maturity, and density. Jon has very round and full muscles. He could of finished in fourth and the crowd would of accepted that....Soon as Jon came out by himself he liked like the winner, but Steve Kuclo-Johnny Jackson and Cedric McMilan had size on him. Again, his physique is very round with full muscles. Not sure of his weight, might be good to see if it is possible for him to get down to the two hundred and twelve pound class.

Women’s Physique

A lighter/softer version of female bodybuilding. Different mandatory poses and muscles cannot be ripped-striated. The top five placings, I have never heard of these women previously. However, it was hard to score the top three! All looked very good and very competitive.

Former Ms International over all winner and Ms. Olympia Light Weight winner Dayana Cadeau dropped some serious muscle to try her luck in this new division. Even with a much lighter, softer look, she still carried two much muscle size and hardness for this division. I think she should stay with female bodybuilding.

Formerly from PA Carrie Simmons, now resides in Venice Beach CA made top 10
(8TH) Carrie and I trained at the same gym when she first moved to PA. In addition, she trained with Big Al. Big Al also did some of her show(s) prep. She attended many Animal ABC'S. A very good-cool lady! Very good look! She gave the judges what they wanted. Sexy, tight, beautiful muscled body, nice lines, great stage presence, very very elegant poser, girl brought it on that day! A drop dead gorgeous complexion with perfect hair-make up made this girl shine! Politics will always be involved; she could have easily been 3-5. This division is made for her physique. A very good showing!

PA own's Dana Linn Bailey looked very good! She also attends many Animal ABC'S! Beautiful, very good stage presence, amazing suit-make up and hair. She had great polish....I though she brought the package what the judges where looking for! Why did she place out of top 10...I want to know! Hang in there girl, you will get your day!

Men’s Physique
Ten guys in this class. A streamlined look, a beach body with tight abs, defined arms-shoulders and pecs. With good looks, stylish hair cuts and longer board shorts. This class is becoming very popular. Similar to the men’s built on the television show The Bachelor.

With over twenty-five women in this division, very hard to pick the top five. One and two piece suits with model turns; a soft lean look is what the judges score high on. Every female would want, in my opinion this look. In addition, with proper nutrition, weigh training and cardio can be achieved.

Well the NY Pro has come and gone. It was formerly the Night of the Champions. Started in nineteen hundred and seventy eight. Robby Robinson was the first winner. It was held at the Beacon Theater on Broadway in the heart of Manhattan. Now the New York Pro has taken it over. This year’s show as good, but lacked the big name competitors and most of the men did not come in their best conditioning, which it is very hard to peak for a show in the window of 1-2 hours for the pre-judging. I went home and trained legs in my home basement gym with a new fire in me, that night. I always get more motivation from attending the various IFBB bodybuilding show.


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Great write up, thanks Ant.