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Just Nick
05-23-12, 5:49 pm
Hey guys this is my first post on the FORVM. Just wanted to tell G, Ox and House how amazing it was meeting you all on sunday at Bodypower. If i seemed a bit timid it was because of how starstruck i felt finally meeting you guys! I have been following The Animal name for a while now and love how connected with the fans you are! It was also my first time ever going to an expo of this kind and i had never seen guys even half this big before! I felt skinny as a twig leaving that place yet felt more motivated and inspired to hit the gym then ever before.. I don't know whether you fella's remembered me but i was chatting to Diesel about trying out Temple gym. And after the expo i chugged my Animal Rage sample and went straight there for a session and loved every second of it! It was the single most motivating day i have ever had which made me want to go to the gym! Just wanted to thank you three again!

Here's some pics i got.

Me with G Diesel

Me with Ox

Me with House

And me with G and House

If your still reading this I'm going to be starting my own Journey soon so hopefully i will see you guys along the way.


05-23-12, 5:51 pm
That's what it's all about, my man. Going to an expo is a reality check for all of us. We may think we're big in our own right, but once we get amongst like-minded brothers, it turns up the motivation, big time. Glad you were able to meet some of the Animals.

Just Nick
05-23-12, 6:03 pm
Yeah man it completely changed the way i think about going to the gym trying to get as big as i can be!

05-23-12, 6:18 pm
Glad you enjoyed your experience, now your truely fired up, motivated and get a small glimpse of what you may look like if you put all the right things in place like all of us are.

Gotta SEE IT to BE IT.

G Diesel
05-23-12, 6:26 pm
Was great to meet you my brother. Honored that you took the time to come and hang with the boys.

You being so fired up and enthusiastic is just as motivating to me. It is a two-way street, so thank you.

Look forward to seeing you again next year. Keep training hard man.

Peace, G

N. Motta
05-23-12, 6:33 pm
That's awesome man. Pretty envious of you.

I saw almost all the same guys when I flew half way across the country for the Arnold. Unfortunately I was too big of a pussy to introduce myself to any of them.

Get that journey started up man. Go Spurs!