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05-29-12, 7:42 am

I bought the Animal vest in the link and had to send it back. The reason? Damn thing was the ugliest rip off I'd seen.

Honestly, I bought it thinking "That's the Animal Cuts vest. Nice." Buy It Now. And then I got a message saying they only had it available in black now and if I wanted it. I said yeah, although I had never seen the Cuts vest in black...

Anyways, the thing comes and it's an ugly, ill fitting Fruit of the Loom vest with some cheap knock off "Animal" logo on the front. It looked nothing like the picture in the link.

I returned it and got my money back, but I was a bit pissed.

Took some pics of it if anyone wants to see how bad it looked. Thought I'd be best posting this up in case anyone from Corporate wants to protect the Animal brand.

Joe J
05-29-12, 8:49 am
Shit bro that sucks, I know how hard it is to get Animal stuff over here in the UK. Show me the pics, I'd love a good laugh mate!! ha ha

05-29-12, 9:00 am



Joe J
05-29-12, 9:20 am
haha man that sucks!

05-29-12, 9:30 am
That is not our shirt, we never made it in black

05-29-12, 10:03 am
That is not our shirt, we never made it in black

Yeah, and if you did ever make it in black then it wouldn't look that bad!

05-29-12, 10:10 am
We do ship all of the gear internationally from corporate. Just email over to info@universalnutrition.com .. tell them exactly what you want you want and your full address and they can get you a proper shipping quote.

On a side note, that tank top in black would be AWESOME.

05-29-12, 7:15 pm
I actually didnt think it looked that bad either, but if corporate did it it would look a million times better

I have been ripped off on ebay too, so i know the feelin

05-30-12, 11:06 am
Some bullshit right there, but no doubt there are people that wanna be like Animal