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05-30-12, 11:22 am
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I only recently started getting into powerlifting, and ended up finding a trainer at my local university (University of Alberta) that has helped me refine my technique on the squat/bench/deadlift. I met with him a bunch of times at the UofA powerlifting club and the equipment/facility there are awesome to have.

From the petition:
"Loss of the powerlifting room would impact several U of A Sport Clubs, the rec and sport performance use of hundreds of students, and displace close to 50 Alberta powerlifters. These lifters, the founders of the University of Alberta Powerlifting Association (UAPA), have worked tirelessly for the last eight years to create the environment in W-95, which has seen ~$75K in funding acquired from the Campus Recreation and Enhancement Fund (CREF). During this time these athletes have represented the University, and Alberta at the provincial through international levels of competition making a name for their club and W-95 as among the best Western Canada has to offer.

Removal of the equipment and any subsequent relocation off of North Campus would directly violate the terms through which the equipment was acquired, and strike a heavy blow to the recreation opportunities of University of Albert students:

"The Campus Recreation Enhancement Fund was created to ensure that high quality recreation programs, equipment and facilities remain diverse, accessible and affordable for University of Alberta students. Application to the Campus Recreation Enhancement Fund is available to organizations providing a positive impact on student life through recreational opportunities at the University of Alberta...""

Please take a moment to sign the petition: