View Full Version : Your EGO

06-17-12, 2:42 am
I would love to hear some of the stories about how some of you vets, started to how you are today, not by the plates but the EGO you adapted, gained or lost. Were you starting out always showing it off to yourself or friends, and grew out of it and showed it on the stage. Or was it never really there. All lifters got some sort of EGO, i just want to know how it shaped you today. Good motivational piece i guess. Thanks brothers

06-17-12, 8:40 am
I didn't have an ego from day 1. I didnt even do flat bench when I first started out because I was so weak at it, I was embarassed! I did decline just so I could do 135. But as time went by, my confidence rose, and I got at it. I would say that we all have a little ego in us. I still like to do some singles to see where Im at, but I dont necessarily think it is a huge ego thing. Not like I ever threw way too much weight on the bar only to do shitty ass form for a couple crappy reps. Definately never did that.