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10-03-12, 2:21 pm
This post is directed to those who train at home or used to train at home in regards to your set up.

I train at home and use an ironmaster half rack to spot me since I train along. Ironmaster.com is where you can see what I use althought my half rack has been discontinued. You can see what I have anyway by taking a sneak peek there?

I have a question when it comes to weight. I got a standard half rack thought I had get sleeves to make it olympic BUT all of my weight are standard sized. Even one of the straight bars I used is a standard bar and not olympic. I have wondered whether I should transition to Olympic size weights but if I did how would that translate to my other weights and especially the DB's since they are standard DB's using standard weights. I am getting close to having to buy 2 - 50lbs weight because my lifting is progressing very good now. Do I stay with the standards and get more standards or do I upgrade to Olympic and how does that work with the DB's?

10-03-12, 4:33 pm
I think it depends on how heavy you go. I don't think you can load up a standard bar as heavy as an O bar. I use olympic weights for pressing and pulling and my dumbells are standard plates.

10-03-12, 4:50 pm
Big Ant would be the answer to all home gym questions. The man has a fully stocked basement, more than most gyms nowadays.

10-03-12, 5:13 pm
Is he out there? lol

I don't know how far up the weight scale I will go but I wondered if I do end up going far what I should do with what I have. The half rack I do have can handle 1000lbs but is a standard version. I can put olympic sleeves on the bar but the free bars I have are not Olympic.

Do eventually upgrade and get some olympic weight and some Olympic smaller weights as well?