View Full Version : Andrew 'WOO' Williams

P Diesel
10-10-12, 2:17 pm
I'm sittin in class with one of my 148 lb lifters. He took 6th at Nationals last year. Kid can squat his ass off at 18 years old. I remember him hittin 525 to the floor. He wants me to print all these college applications for him. What's in it for me? He said push ups.

How many should I make him do?


10-10-12, 2:22 pm
I say you make em doing until he can't get a good rep in. If his arms aren't shaking then it hasn't done enough.

P Diesel
10-10-12, 2:31 pm
i got him down for liiiike 20 ... he says at least 50 no more then 70


Solid Dreams
10-10-12, 2:36 pm
Make him do 70 with you sitting on his back, dude.

Big Wides
10-10-12, 2:43 pm
if you want to really break his balls and mind-fuck him try something like in an hour span, 20 pushups every 10 minutes for an hour. At first he will think that it's easy but come the 30-40 minute mark, he won't be thinking that much.

Plus at the end you can tell him that he did XX number of push-ups, which can help in a number of ways