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01-18-13, 12:32 pm

Scott “Hoss” Cartwright, a grizzled veteran of The Cage, has been known to move massive weights every year under the bright lights of Columbus. Once a professional rugby player and marathon runner, this Sacramento native has become one of the most accomplished powerlifters on the planet, laying claim to more than twenty World and American Records and boasting a staggering 1160 geared squat in competition. He plans to squat a thousand pounds... For reps. When asked why he chose to take on such an extreme challenge, Hoss replied:

“Cuz no one else can do reps with a G.”

Be there on Saturday, March 2nd at 10am to watch Hoss Cartwright back up such a bold claim.

Saturday, 3/2/13 at 10am
The CAGE, Booth #419

Universal Rep
01-18-13, 12:36 pm
A grand for reps??? Sheer madness...

01-18-13, 12:40 pm
Damn 1k for reps, insane....

01-18-13, 12:43 pm
Can't wait, Hoss is one of my favorite guys

01-18-13, 12:59 pm
This is gonna be epic!

Ragin Asian
01-18-13, 4:18 pm
Now THIS I am extremely excited to witness and looking forward to!!!!! Always enjoyed seeing, lifting and hanging out with Hoss every Arnold. This is definitely an insane showstopper! AWESOME!!

Hoss is definitely one of the classiest athletes we've ever known - so strong and no bull, yet so kind, charming and humble!

01-18-13, 6:08 pm
I saw him lift last year and it was increddible.

P Diesel
01-19-13, 1:01 am
marathons?! i need video documentation before i believe that one.

i was up workin the monolift for his squats well over a grand last year w ease. def lookin to see what he brings for reps. shoudl b wild w Big Hoss


01-19-13, 3:43 pm

01-19-13, 4:02 pm
Ohh yea. . .

This year's Cage is going to blow minds!!

01-19-13, 9:24 pm
damn there are so many events that i dont want to miss that im just going to stay posted up at the cage!!

Universal Rep
01-29-13, 5:32 pm
damn there are so many events that i dont want to miss that im just going to stay posted up at the cage!!

Most do. Yup.