View Full Version : The beast died, but something new is emerging, the muscle smurf

01-29-13, 1:31 pm
I've been inactive on here for quite awhile because of issues in life. Divorce, injury, just life, but I return my brothers. I've found a new me since losing my old life, and now I'm searching, training, & living like never before. Most recently I'm on the mend and wanting to make a comeback. In June of 2012 I suffered a labrum tear while preparing for NC's Strongest Man. In August of 2012 I had my labral repair surgery, so between injury and surgery I was out of the gym and off my diet for roughly 6 months. I've now been going full bore for 7 weeks. Leading up to the injury I was weighing 250lbs @ 5'6''-5'7'' and 12% bodyfat. I had a 735lbs dead, 360lbs log press, 380lbs axle press, 350lbs on incline bench for 15, and a list of others. I'm trying to get back there, nay, I'm going to surpass any version of my previous self. I strive because of my daughter, I push because life likes to push back, I grow because I refuse to sit still. Please help me with support in my journey as well as offer me knowledge, motivation, and the like. I've been a competitive bodybuilder, strongman, powerlifter, and highland games athlete all totaling a little over a decade. I want to help others and I urge others to help me. So far in the 7 weeks I've gotten my deadlift back to a 550lbs max and 505lbs for a set of 5. The doc hasn't cleared my shoulder so I'm not doing any chest or shoulder work. My squat is also now climbing in the 600's. Anyone who has suffered this type of injury please offer insight. Insight into the training, the mend, the mindset, just whatever. Any other injury or life altering experiences as well. Time to grow.

02-01-13, 11:07 am
I came down with a sickness this past weekend which took me out of work and gym for 2 days, but I returned Tuesday. I've always been a power builder and powerlifter but starting Tuesday not wanting to push myself too much I left the Elevation Training Mask 2.0 at home and switched rep schemes. Normally I would stay in a minimum of 6 reps to a max of 12 range, but now I'm doing a minimum of 15 to a max of 30. Wanting to try this for a few weeks to shock my body & see what kind of results I can reap. I find my intensity elevating too because of burning through those reps and pushing past the lactic acid build up as far as I can.