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01-29-13, 2:46 pm

IFBB Pro and Animal athlete Erik "The House" Fankhouser is the consummate blue-collar bodybuilder. The soft-spoken family man epitomizes the Animal work ethic, balancing all of the demands of life in the real world with the ironclad dedication and Spartan discipline necessary to be among bodybuilding’s elite. The first Animal athlete ever to qualify for the Mr. Olympia, The House is most widely known for possessing what are arguably the best calves in the history of the sport. More than just a genetic juggernaut, find out the grueling methods necessary to craft the sickest lower legs in bodybuilding. Be there as The House holds court on all things calves. When asked about taking part in The Cage yet again, he replied,

"The Cage to me is a good kick in the ass to start off the bodybuilding season. The seminars and lifting events keep you in check, making you eager and hungry to keep getting better... Take notes during my calf training class this year and your calves just might grow."

Friday, 3/1/13 at 2pm
The CAGE, Booth #419

01-29-13, 3:14 pm
His gastrocnemius are a menace to society

Universal Rep
01-29-13, 5:31 pm
Now that is a sick pic...

01-29-13, 5:31 pm
House is a freak, always great learning tips from him

01-30-13, 3:48 pm
I really need to be there for this, lol!

01-31-13, 12:49 pm

The House
02-01-13, 8:17 am
thats right see how i smash my calves each week. some people think you are born with calves or born without them, but that is just a easy out for them not wanting to put the time in. come and i will make you a believer.

P Diesel
02-05-13, 10:34 am
i need sum of this. C, u do not


02-05-13, 11:17 am
I will be taking notes

Blondie Weapon X
02-05-13, 11:21 am
Great News House ---- i will also be taking notes !!!

02-05-13, 11:32 am
Always awesome when the House speaks and is able to make our ABCs. It's just unreal to say we know and have met him numerous times. Also always love hearing how the kids are doing and speaking with the Landlord, such a great family.