View Full Version : 515 x 15 RAW Squat NO BELT NO WRAPS!!!!!!

Justin Randal
02-11-13, 11:59 am
This is one of the strongest squat displays I've seen in a very long time!! I wonder what Mcbeast will be able to do in a belt and wraps!?!?


02-11-13, 12:12 pm
Wow thats awesome mcbeast!

02-11-13, 6:06 pm
saw this on his facebook, makes me feel like a complete waste of a human being

02-11-13, 6:09 pm
Eddie has been killing it lately!

02-11-13, 6:14 pm
christ almighty that's freaking awesome.

Kyle Lombardo
05-18-13, 9:15 pm
HELL YEAH!! Great squats!! Very impressive!

World Eater
05-19-13, 5:32 am
Sooo... Mcbeast for Golden Eagle at the Cage next year? Seath VS Mcbeast?

05-23-13, 5:18 pm
Doesnt get any deeper than that...holy fuck is the one words that come to mind after watching that vid

G Diesel
05-23-13, 5:24 pm
Excessive mothafuckin Endorphins. Damn.

Peace, G

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
05-23-13, 6:22 pm
Dam super impressive!

05-23-13, 10:23 pm
Thanks everyone! Will be making a point to squat 500x20+ at some point.. It will happen!