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02-21-13, 6:35 pm

Animal athlete Sam Byrd is one of the greatest squatters and most dynamic powerlifters of all-time. The former Marine and current attorney-by-day is a Cage veteran with a flair for the dramatic, best epitomized by his mythical no-hands squat of 635 with no belt and no wraps in 2012, or his squatting a monstrous 825 raw in 2011 while deep in a precontest bodybuilding diet.
Boasting five different all-time world records in the squat, there's literally no stopping Big Byrd. After a long training break, on practically no notice, Sam will step into the breach and attempt to top his mythical no-hands squat performance of 2012. Will he succeed? Is that even possible?

When asked about yet another logic-defying lift at The Cage, Big Byrd replied...

"One of the best things about The Cage is being able to witness feats of strength you have never seen before and may never see again. Watching Animals hoist insane poundage in the conventional lifts is awe-inspiring in and of itself, but I wanted to take it up a notch. I also want to have some fun. I remember back in the day when the strongmen of yore were in circus sideshows lifting objects and performing various unexpected feats of strength. To spice things up a bit I wanted to do my own circus left, a balancing act of sorts, hitting a huge squat while balancing the bar on my back with no hands. Come check it out. I promise you've never seen anything like this before."

Be sure you're there to see it go down... At The Cage. Saturday, March 2nd at 1:30pm, with special commentary by Dan "The Savage" Green.

Universal Rep
02-21-13, 6:40 pm
Crazy last year and gonna be crazy again this year...

02-21-13, 6:54 pm
This was crazy last year. Can't wait see it this year

02-21-13, 6:55 pm
Fuckin' a! This is gonna be good.

02-21-13, 10:03 pm

02-21-13, 10:53 pm
Most amazing thing I have seen from the Cage and I can't wait for round 2.

02-22-13, 9:07 am
Sorry to hear Dan...It is great to hear that the Cage will still be blessed by your presence anyway...Training or no training Sam is one of the best in the world and a true entertainer and champion...Like I have said many times leading up to this year's Cage event, the star power will be untoppable...With Dan still a part and the great Sam Byrd stepping in this "star power" just went up...lol...Man I can't wait to hang with you guys and I am truly honored to be lifting on the same platform as you gentleman...God bless and good luck Sam and Godspeed to your recovery Dan...I look forward to meeting you in the Cage...Bobby "Powerswitch...

02-22-13, 9:26 am
Sorry to hear about Dan. I am glad that Sam is back in the building, looking forward to see him do something crazy again

P Diesel
02-24-13, 9:22 am
Byrd! It'll b good to have u there. I knew u couldn't stay away for long.


02-24-13, 11:52 am
I wasn't there on Friday last year and missed it.

Not this year.