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03-12-13, 10:41 am
Very grateful for the chance to be one of the testers. I just recently got back into lifting and have dropped 25 lbs since jan. Will be getting my bf tested beginning of april. Looking forward to using this products.

03-12-13, 10:49 am
Very grateful for the chance to be one of the testers. I just recently got back into lifting and have dropped 25 lbs since jan. Will be getting my bf tested beginning of april. Looking forward to using this products.

Forgot the starting stats

6'0 255 lbs.

Bench-195 x 4 sets of 10
Deadlift-265 x 4 sets of 10
Squat-225 x 4 sets of 10

Lifting for reps more than weight, so I am excited to see how this will help.

03-13-13, 5:20 pm
still waiting for the arrival, but hitting it hard every day. Can't wait to see how this will help in the gym

03-13-13, 6:24 pm
Subbed for the ride. Package should be there, I would guess, by tomorrow!

03-15-13, 2:58 pm
hopefully package arrives today, so I can start on Monday

03-18-13, 12:24 pm
hopefully package arrives today, so I can start on Monday

Any luck on the package showing up?

03-18-13, 1:35 pm
got the package this weekend...starting it today...can't wait to see how it helps.

03-19-13, 4:46 pm
got the package this weekend...starting it today...can't wait to see how it helps.

Awesome! Looking forward to the feedback.

03-19-13, 7:47 pm
First day taking the stak...didn't notice a big difference, but i was feeling shitty today before the gym...stomach issues...will continue and see how it helps with training.

Bench 135x15 205x10,8,6...could have gotten a few more, but no spotter
Incline db 55x12/ 65x10,10,10
Flat bench flyes 35x12,12,12,12
Ring incline flyes 10,10,10,10

Will hit about 45 min of cardio tonight on the treadmill walking on an incline

On another note, will have to modify training because of a possible hernia...doc said monitor it and see how it feels during training til i meet with a specialist next week to see where i go from there.

03-21-13, 4:14 pm
Had to take yesterday off due to 24hr stomach bug, but back at it again today. Took the stak 20 min before pre-workout supp, and i must say that today i noticed a difference. I was jacked up and focused in, and felt energized and strong for the whole workout.
Today was back.

Pull ups-7,5,5
Bent over rows-135x12, 185x10, 205x10,10
Lat pull downs-140x11, 155x10,10,10
Db rows-80x10,10,10,10
Reverse grip pull downs-140x10,10,10,10
good mornings-95x12,12,12,12 super set with
Standing lat pushdowns-55x12,12,12,12
4 sets of planks 30 sec each

Cardio will be a 3mile jog in the beautiful 25 degree Cleveland spring

Stak definitely helped w/the workout...my weights went up for everything

03-21-13, 4:56 pm
Glad you shook off the bug and had a strong workout!

03-22-13, 11:34 am
Another great workout. I have been feeling good using the stak with my pre-workout. Getting stronger every day.

Arms today
Ez bar curls-95x10,10,10,10
Dips-10w/25lb db, 12, 10w/15lb db, 8 w/15 db
Incline db curls-35x10,10,8 30lbx10
1 hand rev grip pushdowns-25x12,12,12,12
Cable curls-65x12,12,10,10
Triangle pushdowns-85x10,10,10,10
4 arm bb curls (seated)
Reverse 4 arm bb curls (seated)
Cardio-12 rds of jumprope 3min on/30 sec rest

Feeling good...taking it easy on legs til doc appt next week to see if i have a hernia...no ab pain as of late...going to order some flex to help w/my joints too

03-22-13, 11:40 am
Sets for 4 arms were 65x15,15,15 front
50x15,15,15 reverse

03-23-13, 1:09 pm
Finished the week off strong thanks to the stak...i missed 2 days this week, so tomorrow will be a running day, probably 3.2 miles again. Today felt great.
Standing military-95x10, 105x10,8
Db front raises-30x10,10,10
Db side raises-25x10, 20x10,10
Arnold press-40x10,10,10
Face pulls-35x12, 45x12,12
Db shrugs-80x10,10,10 then run rack 65x10, 50x10, 35x10...all shrugs were w/2 sec pause at top
Planks-3 sets 35 sec each
V-ups-3 sets of 10
20 tabata rds (20 sec on/10sec off) battle rops
7 rds of speed bag-3 min on/30 sec rest

03-25-13, 1:39 pm
New week, time to step it up. Last week was an ok, not great, week. Time to change that. I can tell that stak is helping. Once i take it and it begins to kick in, i get a boost of energy and focus. 15 min later, i take my pre-workout supp and get ready to kill it in the gym. Today was chest.

Bench-135x15, 205x10,8,6, 225x5...could have done more, but no spotter, i train alone.
Incline bench-155x10,10,8, 135x10...weight is up and reps remained the same
Incline flyes-35x10,12,12,10...more reps, same weight
Ring pushups w/ft on 20" box-8,10,9,9...couldn't do any a few weeks ago
Ab mat full situps-4 sets of 20
1 set of turkish getups 20lb kb, 3 reps each side...ab started to bother me a little.

Cardio-35 min treadmill at 4.5 mph at 15 incline...walked w/40 lb sandbag on shoulders

Great start to the week...need to dial the diet in better...hopefully drop 3-5 lbs this week to keep my 12 week weight loss a30 lbs.

03-27-13, 12:34 am
Today was back

pull ups-7,5,5...no change here
bent over BB rows-135x15, 205x10,10,10...increased weight
close grip pull downs-155x10,10,10,10...increased weight
db rows-80x10,10, 85x10,10...increased weight
reverse grip pulldowns-140x10, 155x9, 140x10
good mornings-105x10,10,10,10...increased weight
-superset w/standing lat mach pushdowns-65x10,10,10,10...increased weight
ab mat situps-4 sets of 20
planks-2 sets of 40 sec

cardio-1.5 mile run

had great muscle pump today...supps definitely seem to be helping

03-27-13, 5:47 pm
leg day

leg ext-160x10,10, 170x10,10
kb goblet squat-70x12,12,12,12
bb step ups on a 20" box-75x8,8,8
stiff leg db dl-80x10,10,10
leg press calf raise-360x12,12,12

cardio was 10 rounds of jump rope, 3 min on/30 sec rest.

went light for legs today and will find out tomorrow if I indeed do have a hernia and will need surgery. Didn't have any pain and thanks to ATP, had a great pump and focus today. Didn't really get tired either. Could have done another 5 rounds of cardio, but I had my 6 month old with me at the gym and he had enough and let me know that it was time to go.

03-29-13, 2:10 pm
Took yesterday off as a rest day...legs were still smoked. Today was arms

Bb curls-95x10,10,10,10
Preacher mach curls-80x12,12,12,10
Skull crushers-65x10,10,10,10
Alt db curls-35x10,10,10,10
Reverse grip pushdowns-55x12, 65x12,12,12
Standing bb 4arm curls (bhind back)-115x15,15,15,15
Planks-3 sets x 40 sec

May not have time for cardio today...if i do, will be an easy jog around 3 miles

I go back to working midnights tonight, so my workouts will change to be after my 12 hr shift and will be in the morning. Had and unreal pump today. Felt like my muscles were going to rip out of my skin. I attribute this to the stak. Since starting it, the pump during my workout has been insane. On another note, will be having hernia surgery early summer. Doctor said to keep lifting, cause it wont do any further damage, which was great news

04-03-13, 5:29 pm
have taken a few days off for rest. After 12 weeks of punishing myself and also getting a hernia, my body needed some rest. Still taking the Stak and feeling good. Just doing some cardio right now and will be doing some compound lifts as well. Be back into the regular routine on Mon cause we will be out of town for a few days.

04-09-13, 5:35 pm
Hope the training is going well. Some rest is needed after 12 weeks of hitting it hard for sure!

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