View Full Version : Gyms in Australia

04-06-13, 4:47 pm
There is a distinct possibility that I will be heading over to Australia next year on a working holiday. Now, it's early days but I'm putting some feelers out to see what's what. I'll be looking mainly at Sydney, & am seeing if there are any gyms for me to potentially work at.

I've worked here in the UK as a fully qualified Personal Trainer & Advanced Fitness Instructor for the last 3 years +, & am would like to see if there is a possibility to fund my trip along these lines.

Whilst there, I'll be looking at entering 1 or 2 bodybuilding contests, I'm currently 4 weeks out from my next show & have no intentions of putting my competitive career on hold for the duration of my visit.

If there are no contests, I'll still be training balls to the wall as usual, but I'd love to get a contest in whilst there, purely for the experience.

Anybody able to assist in anyway?

All help will be greatly appreciated.


Sprint (Mike)