View Full Version : Ernie Lilliebridge SR and JR squat session 5-25-13

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
05-28-13, 12:24 am

Kyle Lombardo
05-28-13, 10:59 pm
Great video!! Squats looking very strong and powerful!! In my opinion the new gym has made you guys step it up even more then in the past and really push it to the max!! Really enjoy all your videos- always look forward to new ones!! Keep up the great work and continue to help powerlifting grow ( especially RAW powerlifting).

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
05-29-13, 2:46 am
Thanks buddy. The new gym (Jakked Hard Core GYM) is amazing! I love every second Iím in there. Truly is a hard core gym for hard core lifters!