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06-10-13, 2:14 pm
This weekend we traveled over to the cities to help out at a HopeKids event. The main event was a relay race. At the end of the race we had an area set up. In this area we had a tire for flipping, to bars for deathlifting, and prowlers and sleds. The kids would come in and flip the tire, and pulls the sleds.

*The most amazing thing I saw this weekend, and top 10 in my whole life was this little girl in a wheel chair, she wanted to pull the sled too. So we hooked the sled up to her wheel chair and she pulled it for a good 20ft. I almost cried I was so amazed. Just remember this the next time you or someone else complains, or misses a workout just because you are not "feeling" it, or are tired. I should have a vid of that pretty soon.

My part in the event was to pull a super duty truck with the bed filled with kids. And then Nutter put me on the spot and I had to pull a big UPS truck. It was so fun and inspiring!

*HopeKids is a non profit organization that works with kids that are terminally ill or facing life threatening illness.


P Diesel
06-10-13, 2:20 pm
thats fantastic dude!


06-10-13, 3:37 pm
That is beyond awesome

06-10-13, 4:32 pm
So damn cool.

Chase "BIG COUNTRY" Browning
06-10-13, 8:38 pm
Truly amazing. So much respect for you Marshall. Not just bc of everything you do, but because of who you are as a man.

06-10-13, 10:45 pm
Truly awesome brother. Thank you and all the other strength athletes for all you guys do for HopeKids.

06-11-13, 1:50 pm
thank you everyone, my goal is to motivate others to take their passion and use it to help others, no matter what that may be and in what fashion that may be

06-11-13, 2:07 pm
Nothings stronger than hope


06-11-13, 5:28 pm
Awesome Brother.