View Full Version : Eric Lilliebridge- Bench Training Paused singles up to 515lbs raw

Eric Lilliebridge
06-28-13, 8:50 pm

Kyle Lombardo
06-28-13, 11:44 pm
Hell yeah!! Killed that shit.... Looks like you got your new set up on point for the bench now!! Looking strong as hell!! I really enjoy all the videos man... I started doing floor presses around the same time you guys did- seems to be helping you!! I'm very close to that 500 RAW bench and I'm struggling to get it.. Missed it at last SPF competition on the 16th on my 3rd attempt! But felt good and strong so I hope the floor presses can get me passed it and I can get it!! Best of luck to you at the CAPO .... Im sure your gonna hit some big ass #s!! Keep up the great training!

07-01-13, 8:03 pm
Nice man, I'm jealous as hell by the way at your gym, including partners, music, equipment...mine sucks...fitness center at most...

07-02-13, 1:22 am
Don't know whats more impressive to watch...how easy he did those Singles or how the bar does NOT shake at all when he does all those Singles.

Even on those 405 lbs Floor Presses...

Fuckin sick bro! Cant wait to see how you guys do down Undah!


Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
07-02-13, 3:04 am
Thanks for the compliment on the gym, were very lucky to have such a wonderful place to train. JAKKED Hardcore Gym in Montgomery, IL. If your ever in the Chicago land area stop on by. Its by far the best place in the mid-west! Plenty of strong-man stuff for you to Higa, lol!