View Full Version : Kyle Lombardo- Bench Press 315lbs x 15 (strict to lockout)

Kyle Lombardo
07-01-13, 11:48 pm
Tonight was Military press with some light bench- after military press I decided to try 315 for reps. So my lil bro tried 225 @ 218 Bw and we had a little challenge! He got 225 for 17 reps and I got 315 x 15 @ 255


Kyle Lombardo
07-01-13, 11:50 pm

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
07-06-13, 3:12 am
Nice job to both of you! Kyle, you weren't kidding when you said FULL RANGE and CONTROLLED, those were awesome!! To all beginners/gym lifters out there take note: That's the correct way to bench press!!

Kyle Lombardo
07-07-13, 1:11 pm
Thanks Ernie SR!! I take that as a great compliment coming from such a great lifter like yourself!!! Appreciate it!!

07-10-13, 9:27 am
Solid benching, Kyle!

Pretty cool you can train with your brother. My brother and I are polar opposites: I'm a powerlifter, he's a distance runner. I always liked math and science, he likes writing. Never had anything cool like rep out contests!