View Full Version : Lilliebridges & Chris Hickson Deadlift training

Eric Lilliebridge
07-06-13, 11:22 pm

Kyle Lombardo
07-07-13, 12:26 pm
Awesome video!! Big ass pulls by everyone in that video!! Best of luck to everyone that has a upcoming competition

07-07-13, 4:39 pm
Ridiculous man! Can't wait to see you guys Saturday. We'll be there at noon!

07-08-13, 12:41 am
What can Chris pull with no straps? His speed is ridiculous.

I have seen him before is other videos.
Sick training session bro...can't wait to see the results.


Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
07-13-13, 12:17 am
HIGA, he can pull the same with or w/o straps, just chooses to wear them in training to save his hands from getting cut up. His best pull (in training, w/o straps ) is a solid 820. While he has shifted his focus from "deadlift only", to being a much more well rounded "full power" powerlifter, I'm sure he will surpass the 900lb deadlift in a short time. His off the floor bar speed is insane!