View Full Version : Eric Lilliebridge- 377.5kgs - 832.2lbs Raw Deadlift Meet PR

Eric Lilliebridge
07-22-13, 11:49 pm

07-24-13, 2:51 pm
Awesome, Eric!

Universal Rep
07-24-13, 3:40 pm
Nice. Wuz this meet a warmup for CAPO?

07-24-13, 10:41 pm
Great pull Eric!

07-25-13, 1:11 pm
Nice and smooth, looked good.

Eric Lilliebridge
07-26-13, 4:46 am
Nice. Wuz this meet a warmup for CAPO?

Thanks! Yes, last weekend was my final planned heavy deadlift session before CAPO. I figured since I was going to be at the meet helping out, I might as well do deadlift only and make the lift count.

Eric Lilliebridge
07-26-13, 4:46 am
Great pull Eric!

Thanks Brent! Trying to get my pull up to your level!

07-26-13, 9:37 am
Great lift--Can't wait to see how you do at CAPO!

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
07-26-13, 8:25 pm
Easy lift bro had a lot left in you!

Kyle Lombardo
07-27-13, 11:47 pm
Killed it! Huge pull... Really looking forward to seeing the results at the CAPO! Best of luck.... hope you put up some huge numbers!!!

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
07-31-13, 12:35 am
Very nice son. Great job with the lift and sticking to the plan, way more in the tank!!