View Full Version : The next generation of "Team Lilliebridge" in the making.

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
08-20-13, 11:44 pm
The next generation of "Team Lilliebridge"! I'm 41, and have been competing in powerlifting for over 27yrs. Ernie Jr. is only 25, Eric is 23 and both have been competing now for over 11yrs. Some people think were overnight sensations, I can assure you we are not! We have been busting our butts for many, many years, and our success is the result of just that! This sport has and will continue to be a family tradition, so get used to seeing the name............"LILLIEBRIDGE"...........it's not going anywhere! This was just a sneak peek at their training, so stay tuned to see some "NEW" Lilliebridge's on the platform very soon!!!
PS: I also have brothers with sons.........................
PS II: Daughters too......................you never know!!


08-21-13, 11:58 am
Future tank in the making. He started earlier than both Ernie and Eric, right?

08-21-13, 8:33 pm
Wow, thats awesome.

Remember the names now everybody. Assuming they choose to continue down this path, we are witnessing the making of the next generation of elite athletes.

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
08-22-13, 1:59 am
Ernie Jr. and Eric have been around the gym/weights their entire lives, and dabbled with weights for many years before they became serious and started competing.