View Full Version : Last heavy deadlift session before the Olympia

08-30-13, 3:44 pm
The remainder of my training cycle will consist of squats of different variations and 1-2 speed pull sessions.


I'll be at the Animal booth most of Friday and Saturday before my competition, for those there please come say hi!

08-30-13, 6:29 pm
Good Luck Brother. Training looks sick.

08-30-13, 6:33 pm
Good Luck Brother. Training looks sick.

Thank you!

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
08-31-13, 2:02 am
So young and already one of the best in the biz, great job beast!!

08-31-13, 3:23 pm
Looking strong Brent. I look forward to seeing you at the O. I believe our booth is pretty close to the powerlifting stage

Eric Lilliebridge
08-31-13, 10:59 pm
Wow man, your Deadlift is looking stronger than ever before! I know you're going to pull a big PR at the Olympia no doubt in my mind! Any plans on what you want to do for all 3 of your attempts?

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
09-27-13, 8:07 pm
Man that insane 765lbs + 150+lbs of band tension holy crap! FREAK!