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09-12-13, 12:45 am
Good evening all. I've decided to start posting my workouts here. (I'll still post on my site too.)

I'm running the Cube Method by Brandon Lilly and I just started my 4th week tonight. It was supposed to be a heavy deadlift but, it turned it a lift session to see what I could do without a strap. I ended up at 250lbs. My body could've went more but, my thumb (doing a hook grip) and hand couldn't do more.

Warm up.

Bar X 10 X 2
90 X 10
135 X 6
180 X 4
200 X 1
225 X 3 X 1
250 X 2 X 1

By far the most I've lifted with the deadlift. I had previously lifted 225 X 8 but, never went over that.

I was thinking I could use 225lbs or so, maybe 250lbs as an opener in Dec 14 for my first meet but, it looks like I'll be going bigger. YES!

I know my form is sloppy and I'll get that cleaned up (the reason I videoed it.) ASAP. Please feel free to post comments, suggestions, or anything else.

I want this to be an open thread for anyone to post so, post up. Enjoy the video:


(Can someone update me on how to insert it as a video to be displayed inline?)

09-12-13, 5:49 pm
I ordered the Animal Pak yesterday and should be here tomorrow. That means I will be able to get two days with of the Animal Pak in me and just in time for squat reps on Sunday. Hopefully it will help me do the 135lbs X 50 set. Only made it to 22 last time.

Tonight's line up is explosive bench. I'm going to start using the bar instead of the dumbbells since at the meet, I have to use the barbell. I'm hoping to use 135lbs for my open and then get a little bit note in.

09-12-13, 11:51 pm
Explosive chest.

Upper Warmup

Bar X 10 X 2
Bar X 8
55 X 6
65 X 4

Floor Press - Dumbbell
80 X 8 X 3

Incline Dumbbell
50 X 3 X 15

Band press downs
30 X 2 X 50

Shoulder press
60 X 10
55 X 10
50 X 10

Cable flies
40 X 3 X 15

20 x 2
10 X 2
15 X 1

Loving and hating the floor presses. I definitely need someone to hand it off to me. I think I tweaked my shoulders trying to get it off the bench and set.

Over all a good night. Shoulder presses sucked. Each set, the last three reps were with crappy form.

09-15-13, 1:20 am
Yesterday 09.14.2013 (8PM)


Squat Reps

Warm up


(Smith Machine)
1 plate on each side.

Oly Squats:

I failed miserably. No excuse expect that I wussed out.

I didn't work out anymore after that. I went to a tail gate party and had several beers and ate like crap. I actually had planned to post pone the workout until tomorrow night. I guess I should've. I can home after the party, showered and took a nap from 6 until 8. Got up took my stack and went to workout. Maybe I was still tired or the food/beer slowed me down, not sure. First time I drank beer in over a month or two.

Body building tomorrow. No more beer on work out days too. I also think I need to stop drinking chocolate milk, I'm not 100% sure that's what's causing it but, for the last 3-4 days, my stomach has been tore up. About 3-4 sessions per day. Friday, cramped so bad from it driving down the road, I pulled over and stopped just incase.

Anyways, bbing tomorrow and will hit it hard. Also, it will be my second day with the Animal Pak. I didn't get to pick it up until early this morning. I can't say I feel any different but, I'm trusting that it's doing what Animal says it will do.

09-16-13, 11:32 am
Had a "cardio" around the house yesterday so, I didn't work out last night. I'll do my body building tonight.

At least I'm staying on track with my lifting, granted, not on schedule, although, I'm still on schedule for my Dec 14th meet.

USAPL Raw Powerlifting Meet


I'm still hoping to open with squat at 405+, bench at 135+, and dead lifts at 315+.

I feel that I've lost some fat but, I'm not too sure. My scale (not that I rely on it) goes up to 340, after that is shows "O L". Well, I get the "O L" and I cash lightly touch my chair and it goes to 339+-. So I've lost something. I know my pants are getting loser too so, I'm going for fat lose.

From 5 weeks ago (4 weeks on the Cube Method) I feel tremendously better. Before then, I was a fat slob (still am) and I was hurting for no reasons. Aches and pains for no reason, besides being inactive. Now, I feel stronger and everything I used to do, which left me breathing heavy or not able to do it, I can now with no issues. Granted, I am constantly hurting right now (DOMS/sorenesses) but, I know why. I'm busting my ass in the gym (Ok, ok, minus the last workout.) and loving it.

Third day taking my Animal Pak. Can't say I feel a difference yet but, I know it's going to do me well. Been needing multi's for awhile now. Considering getting the PM. I have a helluva time getting to sleep and I still can't sleep all night. I'd hope that it helps my mind to stop racing. I'm sure my pre workout doesn't help but, last night, I didn't workout and I had no stimulants yesterday and was tired as hell. I went to bed around 8:30 and the last time I remember looking at the clock was 12:06. So I essentially laid there 3.5 hours before I feel asleep then, I remember waking up several times throughout the night. I have every window covered, all lights blacked out/covered, and only a fan running.

I've tried melatonin and other "sleep aids" and I either feel like complete crap or it doesn't work. Any suggestions? I get off the computer a few hours before bed time and I've read several of the "sleeping" books and tried everything. Maybe PM will help. :)

09-17-13, 12:36 pm
Body building session.

Upper body warmup

Military Press:

Calf (sitting) Raises:


Lat Pulldowns:


The MPs were awesome. I know I've gained strength as the last few (sessions) sets were crap and the last reps are really hard. Last night, only the last three reps on the last set were really hard, so that's good.

Felt pretty good over all. By far the "best" BBer session (Cube Method) I've had. Maybe I'm getting stronger with the lifts and I'm getting used to it.

Looks like I'll be doing deads for reps tonight. I hadn't really been excited about doing deads but, after mil sat session, I'm psyched up to do them. All dead lift reps, if I can will be done with a hook grip. My thumb feels better but, it's still sensitive to touch. I'm excited to see how that plays out.

Big Wides
09-17-13, 12:43 pm
I like the drive you have going on with this thread and your overall view is great. Keep pushing hard and big things will come. Good luck on the rest of your meet prep

09-17-13, 1:48 pm
I like the drive you have going on with this thread and your overall view is great. Keep pushing hard and big things will come. Good luck on the rest of your meet prep

Thank you Big Wide. I've given up too much already, can't turn back.

A small video of my extra accessory work:


Gotta get all of it strong.

09-18-13, 9:50 am
Dead Reps

Warm up (upper/lower)

Dead lifts 1" deficit:
280X2 (1 fail)

4" block pull:
280X2X3 (strap)

SSB Oly squat:

No glutes I need to test different ways to do this - Subbed crunches on bouso ball

Back raise:

I'm REALLY starting to like deadlifts. Feeling pretty good again, I figured I'd try 280lbs with no strap. My first attempt, I got it about half way up and the right side of the barbell dipped. I thought I grabbed it correctly but, a guy said it looked like my hand was off centered. Maybe he noticed it when the right side dropped. I think I just lost grip with my last two fingers. So I waited for my thumb and hand to recover a little and tried it again. GOT IT! Hell yeah! It did start to lean again but, that was after I got up. I set it down and shook my hand. haha

I really didn't think I was going to be able to pull it so, I didn't even try to video it. Next time, I will video all lifts, regardless if I think I can or can't lift it.

So, I'm hoping I can get to 315lbs before the Dec 14th meet.

Everything else felt great. I'm just hungry for the meet and can't wait for it to get here.

09-18-13, 3:18 pm
Great job on the 280 deadlift! At this rate and given your squat strength, I'm positive you'll get at least 315 at your meet. Keep it up.

09-18-13, 5:18 pm
Great job on the 280 deadlift! At this rate and given your squat strength, I'm positive you'll get at least 315 at your meet. Keep it up.

Thank you.

I'm hoping to get that as an opener, even if the next two lifts are only 5lbs heavier.

09-19-13, 3:50 pm
So I skipped doing a heavy bench session last night. My back and shoulders were so sore (DOMS) and my hand was still hurting too. DOMS in your hand? Yes.. I did it. I'll hit it tonight. It actually feels that my chest muscle is getting "bigger". I'm sure it's not much, if any but, it "feels" like it.

The following is what a hook grip will do to unseasoned hand(s).

http://www.squatpresspull.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/IMG_0774.jpg (WFS)

09-20-13, 11:40 am
Treadmill 20 minutes
Upper Warm up.

Floor Press:


Lat Pulldown:

Brand Pressdown:
4X25 (small band)

DB Shrugs:

Military Press:

Lunch - Will update shortly.

09-20-13, 1:37 pm
Crap, I forgot the edit button disappears after a bit...

and so it goes...

Last night's heavy bench is the BEST bench night I've ever had. (Even when I had both arms..) I was pumped up to do it and I'll be damned, I did it.

The floor presses were freaking nuts. Last week I had worked with 80lbs floor presses and although it was tough, I felt I could've went more. Also, I had used 100lbs as my 1RM (to start out) but, I now want to open with 135lbs (or more before the meet) so, I made my 1RM 135lbs. (I might actually be able to bench 135lbs but, I'm not going to try right now.)

So 80% of 135lbs is 108lbs. The closest I could get was 100lbs or 120lbs so, I opted for the 100lbs dumbbell. I had a buddy pass it off to me and them I exploded. The first rep on the first 3 sets were easier than I though it'd be and the rest of the sets and reps were all grinders. Crazy. The last two sets were by far the toughest. I had to push all I could then a little more to just lock it out. My buddy that was helping me kept his hands near and even when I paused a little on the way up or just before lock out, never touched the weight.


The bench presses were 60% of my 1RM. So, I slapped on 80lbs to the barbell and I was supposed to do 2X15 but, I went for 3X10 instead. I noticed on the first set I went fast and the bar was all over the place. On the second set, I slowed down and the bar seemed to get heavier. Finally, on the third set, last rep, my arm gave out. Overall, I'm still proud of myself. I've never cared for bench (like deadlifts) and I'm really starting to enjoy it.

Lat pulls were lat pulls. I can say that I'm actually starting to "feel" my lat on my right side "work". Pretty cool. I'll go for the Half-a-V shape.

Band press downs were good. I think they grew to 2 times bigger than my biceps. haha

DB Shrugs, what can I say. Maybe I'm usually to safe or conservative with these. I had been doing 65 or 70lbs and I decided to step it up a few. BAM. Might go to 100 next time (or next week).

MPs. WTF Brandon. I destroy my arm and shoulder and you add these? Okay.... The last set and last few reps were ugly. I might go with them one more time but, an increase is soon.

I'm really enjoying the Cube Method. I feel (not sure if I really am) stronger and I'm getting more confident with my lifts/progression. I seriously figured I'd put the 100 back up after the first set and go back to 80 but, I'm determined to succeed with this program and tweak it so that it works for me.

09-20-13, 5:14 pm
Keep up the good work in here. The CUBE is an awesome program for helping to bring up your big 3 lifts!

09-20-13, 5:28 pm
Keep up the good work in here. The CUBE is an awesome program for helping to bring up your big 3 lifts!

Thanks J-Dawg. It's been tough going from nothing to almost the end of the 4th week. I'm already feeling stronger in all of the lifts (and the accessory lifts). Just in general, I "feel" stronger. I'm really enjoying it.

Loving the Animal Pak too. I'm trying to not have a neon yellow pee but, I can't seem to drink enough. I drink 1.5 to 2 gallons of water a day. This is normal. right?

Thank you for the reply.

09-23-13, 9:41 am
Sept. 21 2013


Squat: (supposed to be with reverse bands)

Oly Squats:
Each squat with a 3-4 second pause at the bottom

Legs Press:

Reverse Hyper: (back raise machine)

DB swing:

Not sure if I mentioned it but, I changed my 1RM (percentages) to reflect 405lbs for squats. That's what my goal (or better) is before the meet Dec 14. So hopefully I can hit it with no issues.

I have bands but, the edges are "rough" and I'm kinda hesitant to use them incase they snap. I should man up and do it anyways.

Everything else was great, I'm really feeling strong with all of my lifts. Enjoying this program and I feel that I'm going to meet all of my goals before the meet.

Sept. 22 2013

BB - Week 4 - Session 4

Military Presses:

Bicep Curls:

Calf Raises:

Lat pulldowns:

Lateral Raises:

Forearm rolls:

Lot of Ab work.

5lbs PR on the MPs. I was at 65 and I went ahead and tried 70lbs. The last set and the last few reps were questionable but, I was able to go up in weight. I'm happy about that. I might be big but, my biceps are weak as hell. I figured I'd be able to do a lot more but nope. These went pretty well, I was able to do all of the sets and the last two reps were ugly too.

Calves were pretty easy. I'll need to add more for sure.

Lat pulls, I'm REALLY starting to like these. I went with 160 this time and I had previously used 140, so I guess a 20PR there too. Granted (and again) the last 5 or so reps were questionable. I just like how the fat on my side moves when I flex my lat now. :)

Lateral raises were fun, killing the shoulder is fun too.

Forearm rolls... I do these by standing up straight (like I'm going to curl with a dumbbell) and rotate my wrist forward and backwards. Talking about a forearm pump (I think I'm doing this right).

Doing situps/crunches on a decline. I need to do this more too. I was weak as hell last night. I rotated this with the forearm rolls.

End of week 4.

09-24-13, 12:24 pm
Starting Week 5 tonight with some explosive dead lifts. My excitement is growing as I'm getting closer to the mock meet. I can feel that I'm going to pull some big numbers.

I'm wanting to get at least 405 or more on squats, 135 or more on bench, and 290/95 or more on dead lifts (no straps) before the Dec. 14th meet. (I said that before I think.)

Unless of course I get more before then. That'd be awesome.

A few of my videos on YouTube.


09-24-13, 12:25 pm

A little Bench action.

09-25-13, 9:52 am
20 minutes on the elliptical.

Lower and some upper warm ups.


That was it. I met a few guys and started chatting it up with them. Major fail. Before I knew it, it was late. I can't do this crap again. Still ended up going to bed late and I'm not feeling well today (mostly tired). I gotta get my bench work in tonight, I'm not going to be able to workout again until Saturday.

Hate this. Won't happen again.

Looking at trying the IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macro). Anyone here tried it? I'm not sure I'm too keen on trying to track all of it but, I'd really like to get my weight (read this as: get al the fat off my mid section) down and at least maintain the strength I have or get stronger. I'm not looking to get pretty, I just want to feel better. Maybe with some fat lose, I'll start sleeping better. I toss and turn all night and like last night, total, I might have had 3/3.5 hours of sleep.

I'm definitely going to see about getting the Animal PM stak.

09-26-13, 11:26 am
Upper Warm up:

Incline Bench:

Incline Bench:

Incline Bench CG:

Band Fly (cable machine):

Tricep Pushdowns:

Military Press:

So maybe I warmed up too much with the inclines. When I tried to press the 90lbs, I was able to get about 2.5 reps. Just couldn't push it up. So I grabbed the 80lbs db and finished off.

Everything else was great until I got the MPs. My tricep and bicep were so pumped, I could barely rack the dumbbell to push it up. It wasn't chest day, it was bis and tris day!

About a month or so before I started the Cube Method, I was doing some sort of BBing workout and I was using a dumbbell to do over heard tricep extensions and on the last set, few reps in.. I felt and heard a "pop" or "snap" sound around my elbow. There was no shocking pain or anything but, it did "hurt" a little. I stopped working out and that was the month lay off I had (this workout was number 5 o 6 after being off for 6-8 months) before I started the Cube Method. Until last night, I hadn't had any issues with it. It wasn't really an issue last night but, the pump my tricep had, it felt like it was "irritating" it.

This morning it "feels" sore but, I can flex it, extend my arm out fully, and nothing is bothering it (I'm thinking it's mentally "hurting".) I know no one is a Doctor here although, you might play one on TV but, any ideas (besides going to the drs) to see if there might be something going on?

09-30-13, 3:10 pm
Lower body warmup.
Extended stretching.

10 minutes on elliptical.


Good Mornings:
Two 45lbs plates (1 on each side) on the Smith machine:

Leg Press:


Back Raises:

Leg curl (sitting) machine:

Squats felt great, although, where the bar sits is currently hurting and sore. I need to find that sweet spot again for this heavier weight. The GMs are always fun. The stretching before hand helped to get some depth (I guess). Everything went well otherwise. I kept everything a little lighter since the squats really taxed my legs.

My tricep is feeling better. I think I just irritated it with so many "warm up" reps.

10-01-13, 10:20 am
GAH! So pissed off.

I started warming up with the upper body warm ups and then went to do my military presses. I started off with 20lbs, did 10 reps, then 35lbs for 8 reps, then 45lbs for 5 reps, then 55lbs for 3 reps, and then 75 for 8 reps. At the end of that, my tricep (near my elbow) started hurting again. I did two more sets of MPs at 45X8. I was able to do them without discomfort but, I could feel my tricep starting to hurt more. The hurt was more of a "warm/burning" feeling.

I then decided to not workout anymore after that. I went over and did a few leg extensions and curls. Throughout this time and when I got home and finally intro bed, there was a constant "ache" or "burning/needle pinch" feeling. I wrapped it up with a small child's blanket the best I could to help keep it warm. It felt better this morning but, still has an aching feeling. (Maybe like a DOMS soreness.)

I can't really afford to get it looked at, so I'm going to try rehabbing it myself. Will use lighter weights and add a few more reps and hope it helps. Several people suggested wrapping it (compression) to help keep the blood flowing and hopefully speed up recovery.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

10-04-13, 10:11 am
This one went a little different. Since my tricep has been giving me issues, I figured I'd "test" it with light weight and slowly work up.
October 1 2013:



My tricep didn't hurt all. So it appears to only hurt when I do bench and anything that depends on the tricep.

4" Block:

Didn't do squats as the only cage/rack we have was in use. GHR, didn't do since we don't have one and I haven't improvised anything yet. No back raises since it's broken.

I did do very light shoulder presses and at 35X2X10, my tricep started hurting. Jumped on the treadmill for 20 minutes and went home.

October 3 2013:

Week 6 - Bench Heavy - Session 2:

I opted out of the floor presses for Bench:



Lat Pull down:

Band press down (cable machine):

DB Shrug:


This blew my tricep up again. Not as bad as the last bench session was but, it was definitely hurting. I know it's not the tendon, I'm figuring pulled muscle fibers or stain on it. If it were a tendon, I wouldn't be doing any of this.

I'm going to go light on bench for the next several weeks. It's going to suck but, I gotta get this healed up. I'm wearing a compression sleeve and will ice it when I can. I did use my foam roller on it before working out and it felt like there was a knot (like a peanut size) there and it "worked" out.. hurt like hell but, felt better. Did the something again after working out. REALLY hurt.

10-07-13, 11:05 am
Lower warmup


Squat (no reverse bands)

Oly squats

Leg Press:

No reverse hyper:

24K KB swings:

Wasn't feeling the workout tonight so, I went lighter than normal.

10-07-13, 11:47 am
Been throwing some numbers around to see what my total currently is and what I'd like to get eventually.

Current PRs: Goal PRs:
Squat: 405 455
Bench: 135 155
Deadlift: 280 315
Total: 820 925

I kinda feel the 455 for squats might end up being more. My squats are feeling really good and strong. I just need to get used to the weight on my back (aka, get my lower back stronger and my abs). Bench press, I'm being optimistic and I'm hoping to get that but, we'll see. Deadlifts, I know I can pull it, it's just trying to hold it with no strap. That number might be more too. I just have to get my grip stronger. I've added in grip/pinch work and I've also been working with the hook grip.

I'm sitting here looking over the numbers and I'd say, and I'm sure others, it's unrealistic to make those big of jumps in 10 weeks. Well, I think the numbers are low for the strength I have. I'm just trying to get back into lifting the weights, get used to them again, and will be able to progress faster (safely) as I learn to use my strength more.

I'm not sure what I sound like right now but, it seems to make sense. I think I'm actually stronger than I think I am. (WTF? haha) I just don't think I've learned how to utilize the strength (mostly talking squats/legs) I have to put more weight on. Anyone else feel like this with themselves? Someone say something so I don't think I'm going crazy. haha

Anyways, I'm ready for the ABC meet in New Orleans and I know I'll get pumped up more after that. Then only 5 weeks until my first meet.

10-09-13, 5:13 pm
30 minutes on the glider.

Upper body warmup.


Bicep Curls:

Calf Raises:

Tricep extension (cable):

Leg Extension:

Leg Curl:

10-10-13, 11:24 am
Lower body warm up.



Oly Squats:

135X5X5 with 5 second pauses

Hamstring curls:


Back Raises:


Deadlifts felt great tonight. I did use a strap on everything over 135. I am working grip twice a week to help get my hand strength up. The Oly squats felt great. I know it's light weight but, I went for the 5X5X5 seconds to get more volume and time under the bar.

I wanted to blast my hams a little more so I did the curls and FINALLY the back raise equipment was fixed. I couldn't hardly walk after that. I hate that I haven't done them much on the last few weeks. I subbed good mornings but, I get a bigger pump this way.

My 315lbs deadlift with strap:


World Eater
10-10-13, 11:34 am
Funny, I saw you on Instagram a while ago and didn't know you were on here.... Strong deads there my man.

10-10-13, 12:02 pm
Funny, I saw you on Instagram a while ago and didn't know you were on here.... Strong deads there my man.

Ahhh very cool. I appreciate it. Gotta get strong for my meet in December.

10-14-13, 12:40 pm
So last Friday, I was supposed to do my bench session but, I wasn't able to. Food posioning or a stomach virus hit me Friday morning. I came into work and then around 12PM, I had to the doctor. She gave me meds and sent me home. I was in bed from Friday afternoon until Sunday (only getting up for two reasons..).

So now I'm recovering. Not feeling bad like I was but, I'm still feeling dizzy.

I guess something on the good side, I'm down albs (or more). My scale only went up to 340lbs (after that, it says "O L" assuming "over limit") and if I lightly pressed on my table, it'd flash to 340lbs. So, Sunday morning, I got on the scale and it was 334.5lbs. Not bad, just not a good way to lose it. haha

I figured I would lay off working out or a few more days, at least until the dizziness wears off some. It was recommended that I carbload and get some gatorade in me. So I've been eating plain white rice (few saltine crackers) and plain chicken. Also had chicken noodle soup, that was good. I was able to keep all of this down thankfully.

10-18-13, 1:38 am
Went to the gyn tonight after a week of being off and sick. I figured I'd jump in and do some light lifting and then head home.

Not quite....

Treadmill - 10 minutes

315X1 (paused)
405X2 (Old PR was 405X1, I did it twice to beat it.)

Felt AWESOME tonight, in two/three days, not so much. haha I felt I could've done more but, after that, I decided to play it safe and stop.

I'm so pumped right now and I didn't even take a pre workout. This is so awesome (I know I already stated that.). I hope to open with 455 or so now in Dec since I'm this close to that weight.

Can't wait to do the mock meet in Terrytown with the ABC there.


10-29-13, 2:43 pm
So, I haven't logged anything in a few weeks (three almost).

My 7th week I was sick, I used the 8th week to "get back into it", and my 9th week to REALLY get back into it. I have been doing the main lifts and only a few of the accessory lifts that I am really weak in. Like a dummy, I didn't write them down (sets/reps/etc) but, I did do them.

This is my "10th" week. Last night, I used a Starting Strength warm up calculator to work up to 315 for a single in squats. Just to keep the joints lubed.

Tonight, I'm going to bench and just lift. I may try to go to 110/115lbs as I am sure my arm will recover before the weekend since it's not that heavy.

I'll take Wednesday off and then Thursday, go in and do some light deadlifts. I imagine working up to 225 with the SS warm up calculator.

Saturday will be a MOCK MEET! I'm zoo excited to drive to New Orleans, meet other Animals, like GUNS and then meet GUNZ and ANT!

I've been thinking about it (again) and I'd like to break 850 total... depending on how I feel, I would like to get 900.

I figure I had more in me when I did the 415X1 squat. So, I'm looking to hopefully get at least 435X1 at the mock meet. Might try to open with 405, move to 435, and if I get that, move to 445/450. My bench, that's up in the air. I did 100 DBs off the floor so, maybe I can do 115/125? My deadlift is 280X1, I'm hoping to do that again and maybe more. I would like to get 310+- with it but, I don't think my hand will handle the first two lifts then a heavier one. Start out at 250 for the opener, 280 just to do it again, and then go all out for 310 or so.

Super excited to do this mock meet. Can't wait to see what my number will be for the next Cube Method Cycle.

10-31-13, 1:01 am
Rest and relaxation until Saturday.

Now to finish the SQL job and get some sleep.

11-18-13, 10:45 am
So it's been a few weeks since I posted. I went to the ABC in New Orleans and killed my squat PR by 35lbs.


I haven't worked out since then. The Thursday before the Saturday ABC meet up was my last day at the gym I was at. I planned on going to join another gym but, the day after I got back from New Orleans, my truck engine died. So, now money is even more tight than what it was. I need to get this fixed but, can't really afford it so, I'm car pooling now and doing side jobs at night to get additional income coming in.

Went on a cruise last week (could't cancel it since it was 3200 to go on it, would've lost about 80% of it had I canceled it.) and it was fun and I decided to not let my issues at home mess it up. I think I gained about 20lbs (haha) from eating Guy's Burgers. Free burgers and burritos all week long.

I got a call from a guy (voice mail) that I used to power lift with (all 1 month or so) years ago and he wants to get a team together for the meet in Dec. He'll provide shirts (he owns a company) and pay entry to the meet for myself and 3 others (he's lifting too). So, I believe I'll be doing that. Any little bit helps.

At work trying to catch up but, just want to post something and thank all of you for everything all of you have helped/commented/etc in my thread and others. It's greatly appreciated.

11-25-13, 2:58 pm
Still haven't joined gym yet. So, I still haven't worked out since Nov 2nd. and I'm feeling it. You know, that feeling of hurt and pain when you don't or haven't done anything? I'm getting that. I'm out of AnimalPak and only a few Animal Flex left over.

I'm going to try to get to a local YMCA to let me in for 10 bucks to get a workout in. At least for the next two weeks. Should be able to get two maybe three days in for the next two weeks, then rest the week before. Not sure what to do exactly.

I'm hoping after the first of the year and when/if I get my truck fixed, I'll be more ahead.

I did get a gift from a friend this weekend. A almost brand new barbell. Not sure of the brand, I'm about to call and ask but, it's a black bar and does have the allen screws in the ends. So, I'm sure it's not a mid/high grade barbell but, it's better than what I currently have. Now, I just need to look for a squat cage and weights. Been looking at CraigsList but, can't get anything as of yet because of money issues.

I'm still going to go to the meet and hopefully get the same numbers I had before everything fell apart.

We'll see. haha

11-26-13, 12:25 am
Made it to the gym tonight.



Hamstring curls (laying)

Gym closed.

Video of the second set of squats:


They are awful but, I figure it wasn't too bad for not lifting for three weeks. Almost two weeks to get ready for the Dec 14th meet.

11-26-13, 6:31 am
Great vids, brother. You are doing when others in a similar situation would say "I can't". Huge props to you for that. Keep on working. I wish you great success in your meet! I'll be following along!

11-26-13, 8:17 am
Great work man! Good luck on your meet!

11-26-13, 9:31 am
Great vids, brother. You are doing when others in a similar situation would say "I can't". Huge props to you for that. Keep on working. I wish you great success in your meet! I'll be following along!

Thank you brother. I'm mostly doing what an "expert" said I couldn't do. Granted, it might have been for my court (in my favor) but, I swore I'd do everything she said I couldn't and I'm up to 85% of the 90% she said I couldn't.

Great work man! Good luck on your meet!

Thank you. I feel I might not get more than my current PR because of the lack of training but, hopefully. I'll go balls out on my third attempt. :)

12-04-13, 4:15 pm
I emailed the manager at the gym I was going to and asked if there would be anyway to get my membership back without the contract I had just finished. I received an email just a bit ago and they are going to reinstate my membership (as of today) and that they will honor my previous fees. My monthly fee is 20 a month and my work pays for 20 of "fitness costs", so I get to go to the gym for free. :) So finally, I get to go to the gym and workout. I should've done this earlier. So I essentially wasted a few weeks of not working out. That's okay, next 7 or 8 days, I'll be getting the workouts in.

For the days I have left before the meet, I'm not really going to do anything Cube related, just going to go by how my body feels those days. I may or may not PR at the meet but, I know I'll keep my same total, hopefully.

My review of Mango Unchained will be up tonight or tomorrow.

12-06-13, 10:08 am
So, I've worked out a few times already and mostly a lift of the three lifts then a bbers workout after. Just trying to keep everything running and lubed. I'm taking the last of my Flex and I have just enough to go a day after the meet. I'll need to save up more and get Pak/Flex again. I still have my sample packs of Rage and I still have the RageXL too.

Not sure what I'm going to do at the meet. Had I not, not worked out, I'm sure it'd be better. I did some dead lifting the other night and 225 felt heavy in my hand. (Grip strength wise. I can pull it with no issue with a strap.) Benching, I should be able to hit 125 again. I did 115 the other night and it was so-so. I jumped to 135 and couldn't get it. So figure 125 will be doable. Squats, I think they are still on par. The 405X2X2 felt good, just ugly. Been working my lower back to help with that. Plus, the squat rack was low (see the video), I had to 1/4 squat it up to get it off the rack. No excuses...

I've been watching SHW squat videos on YouTube. Really getting pumped up and ready to go. I'll start watching my videos too. I learned a lot of great info from watching a video Mark Bell had setup. I think at his gym? Anyways, a lot of top lifters, Dan, Lillliebridges, Brandon, and others and watching them helped me to think about what I need to do. Setup and execution though the entire lift.

Squats tonight. Might hit volume squats. I like the pain. :)

12-07-13, 11:21 am
Keep that shit up bro...you are doing great and have a positive attitude!


12-07-13, 12:52 pm
Keep that shit up bro...you are doing great and have a positive attitude!


Thank you Higa! I really appreciate it.

Just trying to stay positive and helpfully not let my nerves get the best of me.

12-07-13, 1:24 pm
Went to the gym to do squats.

Mango Unchained RageXL

The lifts:

Squats and Shoulder Presses.


BarX10X2 (wrs)
275X5X5 (Right at 61% of my current 1RM.)

Shoulder Presses:

Just wanted to keep everything running smoothly and I figured I could do some volume work and spend the rest of the week doing BBer stuff.

7 day until the meet. Super excited and ready to do it.

12-12-13, 12:56 am
Few days left.

The roster is finally up.


I'm so excited and ready to go. Pumped up and want to go lift now. I'm just hoping I feel as good as I did at the ABC meet. I'll blast 500 (I hope).

Went to the gyn to get on the water massage table. Love that thing, I'll be going back tomorrow night and Friday night.

I warmed up with bench tonight to test some wrist wraps I received. I really like the way it helps stabilize the wrist. 125 used to feel really shaky... Not wit these.


I came in dry. Had planned to only go up there and chat. I'll be ready for 135 at the meet. I'm hoping to feed off the other lifters and the crowd.

12-12-13, 6:35 am
Good luck man! I know you're ready for it!!! Get in there and kill that shit!

"Those things you are positively passionate about enable you to discover powerful, effective ways of creating new value."

12-12-13, 9:11 am
Good luck man! I know you're ready for it!!! Get in there and kill that shit!

"Those things you are positively passionate about enable you to discover powerful, effective ways of creating new value."

Thank you brother, I'm as ready as I'l ever be. I just have to keep reminding myself that this is my first meet and that I need to take my time and not screw up. Openers will be light so that I can get my name on the board and then rock out the rest. Otherwise, I'm just going to use it as a learning meet and figure it all out. Since my next meet (might be) will be next month. Numbers may not be big but, I'm in it for the long haul and the fun to be had.

Love that quote. Makes perfect sense to myself.

12-13-13, 9:08 am
I REALLY can't stand not doing anything this week. I want to go squat and dead lift. I did bench but, that didn't scratch the itch. GAH..

Good thing is, I'm heading to the meet tomorrow morning! Sooo pumped and ready to go. I'm nervous and shaking right now but, I think that's from the large iced mocha I just downed. haha

I'm excited to meet several of the lifters tomorrow. I know GUNS might be there (not lifting), Ray Williams, Joe Morrow, and several others. Can't wait.

After the meet, I'll be running another cycle of the Cube Method. I'd like to do the KingPin but, I can't afford it right now. I could but, I am saving money for the meet and the meet I might go to in Fulton. I have Method already and it'll do and I'm quite sure I'll still make some gains. I'm going to really focus on my bench and dead lifts. They are lacking and could really use a lot of work. For dead lifts., it's mostly grip strength, for the bench, I just need to bench more.

Thank you all for the support and comments everyone has posted.

Big Wides
12-13-13, 2:41 pm
Good luck tomorrow and have some fun....

12-13-13, 2:46 pm
Good luck tomorrow and have some fun....

Thank you BW! I appreciate it and I plan to have tons of fun. Can't wait.

12-15-13, 10:15 am
Well, my contest journey has come to an end yesterday.

Finished my meet. Came in 5 of 5. Haha Made 8 of 9 in lifts. (There was another SHW there that I tied with on a total. He hadn't been lifting in awhile and I think he missed a lift or two and he didn't do his third dead lift. So with us totaling the same, he'd win since Wilks (I think) would make him have a better score since he's lighter. :/)

485/115/308 lbs - 220/52.5/140.5 kilos

405/450/485 (35lbs PR)

95/115/Fail (missed 125)

Dead lifts:
225/265/308 (28lbs PR)

My previous total was 865. Today with a 43lbs PR, I'm at 908lbs.

(Yes, the kilo to pounds are off. I think the 125lbs fail was really 126.7. A couple other are like that but, I'm to tired to give exact pounds to kilos right now.)

So I had a great day. Aimed for 900 total and went over 8 pounds. After the second lifts, I just went crazy. Controlled crazy but, crazy.

I posted my openers and second lifts of my squat and bench on YouTube. I am waiting for the video for the 485lbs squat and all of my dead lifts.

Still had a great time and I'm ready to go again.

Thank you again Brandon for the Cube Method and thank you (all of) Animal and Universal for the support, inspiration, and motivation to keep going.

Many more personal thanks to GUNS, The ANT, and GUNZ. GUNS since he was able to get the ABC going in New Orleans and was at the meet. The ANT because he inspired me with his dead lifts and he was there too. And GUNZ because he's s bad ass and will HOPEFULLY help me with tips on getting my bench better. :)

Check it if you want:


12-15-13, 10:02 pm
Great job bro!

Those were great numbers and you did well my man!
Stay positive and be proud of yourself! That squat was great! And you went 8 lbs over your Total goal.


12-16-13, 12:23 am
Great job brother! Way to get out there and set the bar high for yourself! Congrats


12-16-13, 10:39 am
Great job bro!

Those were great numbers and you did well my man!
Stay positive and be proud of yourself! That squat was great! And you went 8 lbs over your Total goal.


Thanks brother.

You really helped me too just by being who you are. Thank you for the inspiration.

Great job brother! Way to get out there and set the bar high for yourself! Congrats


Thanks Rob.

I'll say it was one of the funnest, hardest things I've done in my lifetime and I can't wait to do it again.


There are so many others that I'm thankful for that in some way encouraged me, inspired, motivated. helped, and everything else to get to this point. I'm very humbled that this FORVM, with all of these pros, are encouraging to someone they've known less than 6 months to do something like this. I'll be forever grateful to AnimalPak and UniversalNutrition.

For all of this, I truly thank all of you and hope to repay, what you have giving me, to others..

With that, I'm looking forward to my next meet.

Brandon Lilly
12-16-13, 3:31 pm
Extremely proud of your work

12-16-13, 3:36 pm
Extremely proud of your work

Thank you Brandon. I really appreciate it.