View Full Version : Lilliebridges & ProStrongman / powerliftiner Vince Urbank deadlift footage.

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
09-19-13, 5:27 pm

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
09-19-13, 5:32 pm
If one of the admins could go and edit the thread title that would be awsome!

To: Lilliebridges & ProStrongman / powerlifter Vince Urbank deadlift footage.

09-22-13, 2:30 pm
What an awesome training session!

Ernie Lilliebridge Sr
09-23-13, 1:48 am
It was awesome Brent! Your name came up quite a few times, young talent (no disrespect!) with super star pulling potential! Can't wait to lift with you again buddy, but it will be a squat or bench seminar/exhibition, we need a fair chance to keep up!! :)

Ernie Lilliebridge JR
09-24-13, 6:46 pm
What an awesome training session!

Wish you where there with us big guy!