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10-16-13, 8:03 pm
In my senior year of my high school, I was 6'3 and a lean athletic 190 pounds. I was able to get by without really lifting weights on a consistent schedule, and still was able to perform at a high level in Western Pennsylvania. After the season, I made a commitment to play college football. When I received the off-season training book from the strength & conditioning coach is when I had my first experience with an actual weight program. In a few months I jumped from 190 and entered my freshman football camp at an athletic 205 pounds. During my freshman year, I received playing time and was performing well until I had a high ankle sprain that I battled the last 4 weeks of the season, causing me to have no option but miss 3. At the end of the season I felt burnt out, not happy with the way the season went for the team, and felt a loss of interest. I wasn't happy. Against the likes of my coaches, I decided to take time off of football. To keep myself busy, I started casually lifting weights. I knew my bench press was around 305, but I never pushed myself to get as strong as I could possibly be. That is when I met a few people who were competing in a local non-sanctioned powerlifting meet coming up. I entered bench only because that is the only thing I had a gauge on and not being familiar at all with how powerlifting meets worked I wanted to just get my feet wet to see what it was like and how the meet worked. One of the guys I became good friends with was 6'4 265 and benched 500 raw even less than 3 months out of a torn pec. This was inspiring and I know I would be hooked. I went 3/3 with 270-285-305 competing at 213 in Teen 18/19-220. I didn't know how I wanted to open and proceed because I had never benched with a pause and never want over 305. Now it has been just a few months and I'm ready to start training for my next meet. I will be competing at the Pittsburgh Monster Bench and Deadlift March 30 of next year leaving me time to complete 2 full 10 week training cycles. I will officially be starting the Cube Boss Method on Monday and have a great opportunity to be analyzed and be coached by Brandon Lilly. We will be tweaking the program over the next 10 weeks as we go. Despite the meet only being a push/pull, I will be training as if it's a full power meet especially due to the fact that I will be competing full power next summer. I will keep a training log on this thread. Hopefully it will help out others.

If anyone has any questions send me a message on here or shoot me an e-mail at 412forza@gmail.com

10-16-13, 8:11 pm
You have a great game plan set in motion and one of the best guys to learn from. Can't wait to see the freaky gains you'll make. Best of luck bro!

10-21-13, 8:38 pm
You have a great game plan set in motion and one of the best guys to learn from. Can't wait to see the freaky gains you'll make. Best of luck bro!

Thanks. Started off the training cycle today. Will be posting soon.

10-21-13, 9:08 pm
Before I post the log of my first day, I will post the whole week's schedule, and will continue to post in this manner through the training cycle. That way it will be easier for you and you will not have to figure out what percentages I'm using.

Monday- Heavy Deadlift

Competition Deadlift 5x2 (80% of training max)
Block Pulls 2x1-3 (85% of training max)
Deficit DL 1-2" 2x4-6 (75% of training max)
Leg Curls 1x50
Lat Pulldowns 4x15

Wednesday- Rep Bench

Comp BP 2-3x8-12 (70% of training max)
Close Grip BP 2x6-8 (75% of training max)
Bench w/ Pause 2-3x10-12 (65% of training max)
^^^^^^^^^^Note: In 365 strong part of the template is pauses 1" above chest
Tricep Pressdown 4x15
Side Raises 3x12
Shrugs 3x15

Thursday- Explosive Squat

Comp Squat 8x3 (65% of training max)
Olympic/F Squat 2x5 (70% of training max)
Pause Squat 2-3x8 (60% of training max)
Lunges 3x15
Lat Pulldowns 4x15
Shrugs 3x20

Saturday- Bodybuilding Day
5 exercises - 5 sets of each
^^^ I will be Military Pressing every Saturday. That won't change.