View Full Version : Should we build our own temples?

11-06-13, 3:38 pm
Check out this radical new concept on my GoFundMe page - we can build new temples to surpass and even christen a new "golden era" of strength and physique culture - and we can do it on our own terms - MACHINE

Follow this link to see what I'm talking about:


11-08-13, 10:38 pm
Awesome idea brother.
My family recently reopened the gym in our town, and we embrace ALL fitness. One day I would love for you to grace The Gym, and not just on the walls.

N. Motta
11-09-13, 2:09 am
A worthy effort for sure. That's the type of movement that I would really like to see gain traction and succeed.

Very cool. I'll try to spread the word.