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12-09-13, 1:39 am
First things first, my stats.
29 year old male
6'1 278

When the postman delivered the box I was stoked. I'd been waiting for it and knew it would be here soon. I waited through 2 workouts before posting the review because I felt the first one wasn't all it should have been due to 3 hours of sleep the night before.

Disclaimer: I'm big on pre workouts. I've been taking C4 and Beta-Cret in between my last bottle of Rage, and the new bottle I just got in of Rage XL. I don't mix with water, I scoop, dump in the mouth, let it sit for a few and then wash it down. I find it's more efficient for me personally.

1st dose: Deadlift day: 3 hours of sleep the night before, but still had to hit the pig iron. I had 490 for 5 sets of 3, 1 min rest between sets as the top work sets. I took 1.5 +/- scoop about 20 minutes before hitting the gym. While renovating my garage gym and equipment I've had the pleasure of being allowed to lift at Anytime Fitness near my house, which is extremely powerlifter friendly, it's a rarity around here unless I'm at my home away from home metroflex. As I walked in, I felt focused, driven and absolutely determined. To be honest, prior to pulling in to the parking lot I was a bit concerned about energy levels and lack of focus. As soon as I got in the front door and saw my favorite power bar all alone, it hit me, and all the excitement and drive was absolutely right where it needed to be. I paced myself through warm ups and felt better and better working my way up in weights. As the stack on the floor grew thin and the and weight on the bar grew I knew my work sets were going to pop, and boy did they. I ended up working with 6 sets instead of 5, slight miscalculation on my part but the extra set felt awesome, I could have kept going at this point, but I focused on my accessory work from here on out. Everything was flowing awesomely. I left the gym feeling accomplished. I did everything and then some of what I set out to do. I left my mark on the floor in sweat and chalk, and I think I also scared a few high school kids as well.

2nd dose: Accessory day: AH-fucking-mazing. Again, 1.5 scoops straight in. I don't have a hard time focusing in the gym, I'm very goal driven and can center on my goals at hand, but with Rage XL, I've noticed that I block EVERY THING else around me out and I just do work. No negative thoughts, no issues, nothing. It's all about busting my ass in the gym. With Rage XL, I feel a renewed source of energy about half way through my workouts. I get a kick in the ass and things pick back up and start flying around, my 2nd wind.

Animal Rage XL gives me what I need when I need it. Even on minimal sleep and a full work load, I still feel myself yearning to get in the gym and bust my body up making progress. I've learned through the years that no matter what happens, you have to keep pushing through everything in your life. Rage XL makes it that much easier. The focus and drive the flows through my mind and blood with Rage is phenomenal. This stuff is a kick in the ass when you need it. Diet is critical to me. I've been cutting for about 3 years now, down 185 pounds and I want to make damn sure I get in the proper supplements, and not just some bullshit powder made in a dark room with fancy packaging. I TRUST Animal. to shoot straight with me and put products out that work, that aren't going to break the bank or end up down the toilet, literally. If you're on the fence about this product, get off of it. There's absolutely no reason to NOT give this product a try.

Taste: 8/10 for me, no mixing.
Effectiveness: 10. I gotta give it a 10. I'm not some professional supplement reviewer, if that wasn't obvious by my review, but...yeah.

12-10-13, 9:15 am
Awesome mark! Looking good even with that work load and minimal sleep.