View Full Version : What will you train at the National ABC?

02-17-14, 4:41 pm
So "if" you get in, what will you be training? I am in prep for a meet and that Sat will be my 3's in Deadlifts!

02-17-14, 5:13 pm
I'll be fresh off my meet, so I may be looking for pointers with my bench form/technique.

02-18-14, 8:50 am
been on a new program that cycles every 6 weeks and the ABC lands right at the end of week 6 so Im maxin out…should be about 5-10 lbs stronger due to the environment….adrenaline = strength, can't wait to get some tips on technique too

G Diesel
02-18-14, 9:07 am
Will be training chest on Friday, so maybe shoulders or arms?

Peace, G

02-18-14, 9:53 am
Will be training chest on Friday, so maybe shoulders or arms?

Peace, G
Im lucky to have Fridays off! With all the driving and chaos at the expo, it will be nice to get a good big meal in and be ready for Sat!

02-18-14, 11:20 am
Saturday is usually an off day...but Ill probably just play with all the hammer strength back machines and do some calves.

02-18-14, 11:24 am
For me Saturdays are usually some insane oly metcon work but I doubt I can do that at Metro lol

02-19-14, 3:09 pm
I'll be a week off my Smolov Jr program for bench. Between the adrenaline and all the testosterone in the air I ought to be able to set a new PR!

02-20-14, 8:59 pm
I'm prepping for a meet as well. Probably work deadlift since that's what needs the most love.

02-25-14, 10:33 pm
I do arms on Saturdays