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03-04-14, 8:20 pm
Hey guys, Randoja here. Some of you may know me from other forums, wanted to start up a log here and get involved in this community. I see a lot of logs from strong lifters that I look up to. Happy to be a part of this forum. Here is today's work. Vid from my last meet.

3-4 Squats

5@45--5@135--3@225--2@315--2@365--8x2@405 Volume PR

Don't have to do much more than that for me to be satisfied with the day.

03-09-14, 11:31 pm
Deads 5@135--2@225--3@315--2@365--2@405--2@435--1@455--1@475--2x0@505

Really wanted that 505 for a PR today, but no dice. Other than that, deads felt pretty good. I did have videos but a couple of the heavier ones messed up somehow, so I'm just gonna record next time.

03-11-14, 3:31 pm

Bench 8@45--5@135--3@185--3@225--2x3@245--4@225
DB Hammer curls and Tricep extensions to follow.

Still taking it easy on my left shoulder a little. It's getting better though, feels much more solid on bench than last week. Next meet is going to be the USPA Southwest Desert Classic Powerlifting Championship in Peoria, AZ. Jon Marshall from Unbreakable Gear has been kind enough to fly me down to represent with a bunch of other Unbreakable Powerlifting team members. It's also a charity fundraising event for the Az Hospice of the Valley.

03-12-14, 5:58 pm
Big PR today. Walk off home run.


03-14-14, 8:22 pm

Bench 6@45--5@135--4@185--3@225--2x2@255--7@225
Squat 1@45--1@135--1@225-1@315--1@365--1@405--1@435--1@465PR
Yeah buddy!


03-18-14, 7:49 pm
3-18 Squats

I'm just seeing super rapid squat progress right now. 2@425 was a PR a couple weeks ago now it's 4 sets. I won't question it, just gonna ride it out. Have to take a small training break this week cause I'm getting a wisdom tooth taken out, but it shouldn't set me back too much. Next squat workout I'm gonna load 425 again and try to take it somewhere past 6 sets of 2, after that I can move to 435.

03-21-14, 7:52 pm
3-21 Squat


Not a bad day, squats were a little high though.


03-25-14, 1:56 am
I benched a couple days ago up to a 3@245 and 2x2@255, then 4@225. Pretty weak benching lately, plan to increase frequency and get back to work on it. Just been busy squatting to find time for the other lifts haha.

3-24 Deadlift

Dead 4@135--3@225--2@315--1@405--1@455--2x0@505--3X1@455--1X0@475--3X1@425--2X2@425

Ok deadlift day, I at least got work done. Not a fan of missing these big singles though, I probably just need to quit doing them so often. Did get to chill with Adrian Larsen tonight though, which is always fun.

03-25-14, 8:29 pm
I'm lifting in a fundraiser meet next month, here is a link to my page. Will rep for 1$ :) The money goes to Hospice of the Valley. http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/RandallP/SouthwestDesertClassic

03-27-14, 8:01 pm
3-27 Bench Press

Bench 5@45--3@135--3@185--8@225--3@245--2@245--6@225
Decline CGBP--8@135--8@185--6@185
Did some curls too.

Wasn't expecting much from today, I've been sick the last couple days. My original goal was just to try and sweat out this cold. So I was kinda dicking around with my bench setup and tucked my feet back and kept them on toes. Ended up really getting some leg drive and hitting 225x8 for a PR tie. Excited to feel all the way better and try it with a real loaded bar. Squats tomorrow.

03-28-14, 8:23 pm
3-28 Squats

Squat 3@135--2@225--2@315--2@365--4@405PR--2@405
Followed by curls and calves bro.

Definitely still feeling the trail end of this cold. I suspected that I might not be fully prepared to go real heavy. Plus I was pretty confident that I could set a new 405 PR at 4 reps which was a success. Gonna just chill this weekend, keep pounding OJ, and smash the hell out of Monday, which will be Bench/Squat.

03-31-14, 8:33 pm

Bench 5@45--4@135--3@185--2@225--2@245--0@265--2@245
Squat 5@45--4@135--3@225--2@315--2@365--2@405--2@425
Dips 8@+45--8@+55--8@+65
Alt Hammer curl 16@32.5--12@35

Rough day in the gym, hadn't eaten anything and trained around 2:30 Pm. I was just kinda winded the whole time, and got a little light headed after some sets. I was sliding all over the shitty bench trying to stay tight today too. The 425 double on squats was a serious grinder too. Just gonna chalk it up to a bad day and still coming off a cold that had me feeling under the weather all week. Deadlifts and pin press on Wednesday.

04-02-14, 8:59 pm
4-2 Deadlift

Deads 5@135--4@225--3@315--2@365--2@405--2@425--2@455--1@475--1@505PR

Had exactly the workout I needed today. I deadlifted until both hands were bleeding, then I filled and covered the wounds with chalk until there was no red showing. Proceeded to hit a new deadlift PR, then I brushed off the bar, hit it with a clorox wipe and bounced. Good ass day in the gym.


04-09-14, 7:12 pm
4-9 Deads

Deads 3@135--3@225--3@315--2@365--2@405--2@455--3x2@475
Bench 4@135--4@185--3@225--3@245--2@255

Good day of deadlifts, originally was going to go for 3-5 doubles at 455 but felt good and kicked it up. 475x2 was a PR. 17 Days out from my meet, sitting about 194 solid, fat but solid.


04-11-14, 9:37 pm
4-11-14 Squat/Bench

Squat 3@45--3@135--3@225--3@315--2@365--2@405--2@425--1@445--1@405
Bench 3@45--3@135--3@185--3@225--2@245--2@255--1@265

Decent day at the gym despite a couple mishaps, the 445 squat was supposed to be a double. I got new knee sleeves and was using them for the first time today, felt amazing. Mine are ultra tight, like reall fkn tight. I was absolutely flying out of the hole today or at least I felt like it, knees didn't even try to cave at 445. But what happened was I dive bombed into the hole on 445 and got wildly out of position but was actually able to just muscle it up. Even though it was a terrible squat I'm real happy to just stand up out of crap leverage with 6lbs less than my meet PR. Bench went decent, some goofball came and grabbed the bar on my 3rd rep of 245, as soon as his fingers touched it I started screaming at him while still pressing, it just came out like a sneeze lol. He left the weights area and I saw him doing jumping jacks downstairs by the cardio stuff when I headed to the locker room. Overall though not bad, came in and basically hit my opener for 2 and my 2nd attempt for squats, then close to the same on bench. Not sure if you can tell how far forward I got on this 445 but here is the vid. Youtube editor is being lame, after the first rep I tried again but had to tenderly place it on the safeties.

04-16-14, 5:31 pm
4-16 Squats

Squat 2@45--2@135--2@225--2@315--2@365--2@405--2@425--2@445

Just what I wanted 10 days out from my meet. 500 might be in the cards for a 3rd attempt.

Please excuse my excessive relishing of my victory after lockout. I was pumped.


04-28-14, 11:14 am
1278@198 479/270/529 66lb total PR, all of which added on squats and deads. I locked out 286, but lifted my butt.

05-05-14, 2:42 pm
Cinco de Mayo, Squats and Bench

Squat 3@45--3@135--3@225--2@315--2@365--2@405--5x2@425 PR for Volume
Bench 3@45--3@135--3@185--2@225--2x2@255--6@225

Training at full steam again, solid day in the gym.

05-10-14, 4:59 pm
5-7 Deadlifts

Deads 3@135--3@225--3@315--2@405--2@455--1@475 (Passed out)--2@475--1@475 (miss on 2nd rep)

First time ever passing out after a deadlift, I doddled a little too much over the bar while holding my breath, combined with a bad starting position made this 475 a serious grinder. Next thing I knew I was on the floor hearing "nice dismount" from one of the guys lifting. I had to ask if I locked it out, which I did. Came back to hit it for a solid double, then another single. Not bad for my first deadlift session back from the meet.

5-10 Squats

Squats 3@45--3@135--3@225--2@315--2@365--2@405--8x2@425 Volume PR

This was a good squat day for sure. I came in feeling a little tired and after the first 3 sets of 425 I wasn't sure how many I would get. So I had a little talk with myself about how people that squat 500lbs don't crap out after 3 sets of lightweight. Set 4 was smooth, and I got back in the zone. Sets 5 and 6 were smooth first reps with grinders on 2nd. 7 and 8 were grinders on both reps. Really feeling victorious after this one. I'll be taking 435 for rides all week next week.

05-19-14, 8:40 pm
Had a little break from training and was camping from Thursday to Sunday. Even after a weekend of just junk food and craft beer I picked up right where I left off.

Squats 3@135--3@225--2@315--2@365--2@405--4x2@435 Volume PR
Face pulls
Bench 3@135--3@185--3@225--3@245
Tricep extensions

Real happy with the day, this is only 10lbs less than my heaviest double ever. If I can keep up this progression 500 should be well within my range in 8 weeks. Going to repeat with 435 on Friday, really would like to get 5-8 sets, then move up to 445.