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04-18-14, 11:11 am

04-18-14, 11:12 am
was training about a few weeks to 8 weeks out of my last show

04-22-14, 10:29 pm
Really smooth squats, and your bench work was ridiculous as usual. Are you planning on doing a full meet anytime soon?

04-24-14, 11:06 am
yeah towards the end of the year after I go for the bench record

Jay Nera
07-01-14, 12:09 am
You're getting that record!

07-01-14, 11:06 pm
You're getting that record!

hope so soon...I'm doing pauses with start commands around 7 now so looking to go over 7 in july and hopefully take the record in aug...not hoping for anything big though in july as it's way earlier than I wanted to compete, but at least break the weight class record again...so we'll see...once I do, back to full power, this bench only shit is starting to bug me...