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04-21-14, 11:50 am
I got asked to go to the Arnold Classic Brazil by Animal weeks ago. I can't even explain how pumped I am to even get this kind of opportunity to go out the country and represent Animal with Evan. So I decided to track what goes down on my journey to Brazil and each days experiences. I was told ill be doing a exhibition lift in their version of the Animal Cage and lets just say I can't wait to lift in their Cage! Iv keep my bench training on track and actually hit a nice 510x2 touch n go last week. Im not sure of much till I get out their and see whats going on, but I do know ill make the best of whatever situation it is. Ill hit my last bench workout tonight with some light arms on Tuesday then rest till I leave Thursday. Hopefully with Wi-Fi at hotel in Brazil I can update each day. Stop by and check out this thread for the updates to see how it goes down in Brazil!!!

04-21-14, 12:18 pm
Congrats gunz, have a great time.

G Diesel
04-21-14, 12:22 pm
Rio is supposed to be amazing, Gunz. Awesome opportunity. Enjoy it bro.

Looking forward to the words and images.

Peace, G

04-21-14, 6:22 pm
That's awesome... Safe travels... Can't wait for the updates!!!

04-22-14, 12:03 am
So awesome.
A well deserved opportunity. 2014 is kicking ass for you!
Will be following all updates on here and IG/FB.
I'm not aware on their version of the Cage. Curious to see how it looks/what goes down.
Best of luck and show them how TRUE American Animals handle the iron!

04-22-14, 12:53 am
Animal couldn't have picked a better representative. Congratulations and have fun!

04-22-14, 12:08 pm
Congrats man! What an opportunity. I agree they couldn't have picked a better representative to go.

04-22-14, 12:26 pm
Congrats brother! Have fun and rep Animal well!

04-22-14, 1:55 pm
I'll be following. I loved it there.

Wait until you see how passionate the fans are out there at the expo, it's insane.

Universal Rep
04-23-14, 12:32 pm

N. Motta
04-24-14, 12:27 am
I'm here for the pics of all the glorious, Brazilian bootays!!!

04-24-14, 5:48 pm
Thanks for everyones support!! It's Thursday 4-24-14. Left New Orleans at 11am landed in North Carolina at 1:30pm, it's about 5pm right now sitting in airport (8.5hr layover) till I leave for Brazil at 10:45pm tonight. I won't arrive in Brazil till 8:30am Friday. I'm sure I'll be somewhat exhausted but I'll push through it. Soon as I walk in that expo im sure I'll be pumped up. So I'll be updating tomorrow night once day 1 is over! Now time to eat again. Lol

04-24-14, 6:42 pm
I'm sure it's a longish flight, get rested, not drunk. haha

04-30-14, 2:52 pm
Here is my update on the trip:

Day 1 Thursday 4-24-14
Left for the airport at 830am for my flight from New Orleans to North Carolina. I arrived in NC at about 1:30pm with a long ass layover (9hrs) with flight not leaving for Brazil till 10:30pm. So had lots of food at airport knowing it would be long flight and shitty food on the plane. Flight left at 10:30 and arrived in Rio Brazil at 8:20am.

Day 2 Friday 4-25-14
Customs was really slammed and had to wait about 1.5 total to fully get through all checkpoints. Driver was waiting holding up a sign with my name on it and he took me to the apparment building where me and Evan was staying. It was about 10:30am arrived and was exhaused due to not much sleep on the flight to Brazil. Lucky Evan had went to the store and he had food so I was able to eat breakfast. Next the appartment we were in the hot water wasent working so had a nice ice cold shower and we headed to the Expo at 1:00pm. Was introduced to everyone that worked for Universal-Animal and some from GT Nurtriton. Evan was set up signing autographs and they started the bench bodyweight contest that goes on all day everyday. People waited in crazy long lines for the bench bodyweight for reps. So about 1hr after getting their they announced my name and some of my best lifts (person translating wasen't the best) so they asked if i could demonstrate some benching. I was really hoping to do something on Saturday due to the long flight and lack of food and rest but ill never say no and always try to perform my best. I warmed up between the bench your bodyweight competitors. If was also very weird due to them using kilo plates, the 20kg(44lbs) plates looked like our 25lb plates here in the US. So the bar looks very strange with these smaller plates. I worked up to 200kg (440lb) for 3 reps and it didn't feel the best but figured im good for 500. They loaded 224kg (496lb) and i just dug deep and gave it all i had a hit a relative easy 3 reps!! The crowd loved it and i was happy to be able to put on a show for the fans. After i noticed the bar was bent pretty bad, they just use regular cheap bars.

Day 3 Saturday 4-26-14
We got picked up about 10am to head the the ABC training in Copacabana. Evan decided to do Calves and Hams and i did a bicept and tricept workout. I had 3 guys working in with me that spoke some english. It was very cool experinence and unique place to train. They had about 50-70 people and Dennis James and Big Rammy showed up to train while we were thier. So the fans really got to see some mass monsters in full training mode. We went back to appartment and was picked up about 130pm to head back to the Expo. After at the expo for about 1hr they asked if i can lift again. I told them i was pretty sore and beat from arm workout just hours before but i would see what i can do. Once i got to 440x3 i felt pretty good and figured lets just put 5 plates on each side 220kg (485lbs) and see how it feels. I had Evan come lift me off since he wasent signing autographs at that time and I hit a easy 3 reps. I had never gone that heavy 2 days back to back before. Crowd loved it and i was happy to deliver another good performance for the Animal Brazil fans.

Day 4 Sunday 4-27-14

After 3 days a was really exhusted and just wore down at this point but it was the last day and I told them I would do 225 for reps. No warm up i banged out 100kg actual 221lbs for 40 reps! That was a rep PR for me. About 2 hrs later they made teams with the staff and athletes for bodyweight reps and added me and Evan in the mix. So for the second time i did 100kg (221lb) for 40 reps again. I couldn't believe i had the energy to even do that a second time, lol. Evan did 120kg (265lb) for 34 reps witch i though was pretty dam good.

Day 5 Monday 4-28-14 Both our flights didn't leave till 9 and 10pm so we decide to catch a morning workout and then grab some traditional Portiguese food and check out a some of the beaches and local scenery! My flight left at 10:30pm from Rio Brazil and i landed in North Carolina at 730am with a 2hr layover and at 9:30 flew to Washington and next back home to New Orleans LA at 140pm on Tuesday 4-29-14.

It was a very unique experience and cool to hang out with Evan someone that is such a huge name in the sport of BB witch is what i got started doing! Brazil people were really nice and I had a great time. Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity.

05-08-14, 3:11 pm
Sounds like you had fun down in my home country! Yeah we are really f'n passionate about sport that we love and athletes that we are fans of. Pretty sure that Eric told you how crazy it was last year with Frank and Antoine. Thanks for giving them a show and hope you and the animal family go every year. I'm sure they will always appreciate that.