View Full Version : Roman "Rex" Fritz vid ideas...

Universal Rep
06-09-14, 1:00 pm
Long before Roman competed this past weekend and earned his pro card (again), Corporate had planned to bring him stateside to work on sum great vid projects. Of course, that will also likely mean an ABC event in Jersey the week of June 16th...

Question for anyone interested... Anyone wanna see a specific type of vid featurin Rex? If so, post it up there and Corporate will take it into consideration...

Universal Rep
06-09-14, 1:17 pm
Vid when they called Rex out as the winner... Must have been an awesome moment.


06-09-14, 1:54 pm
i would be interested in what roman thinks about old school bodybuilding compared to how it is today.
about the use of growth hormon , roid bellys etc... about training methods arnie used back in the day.. stuff like that.

06-10-14, 2:35 pm
You have to do a 'Big On A Budget' video, except with Euros of course.

And rice cakes.

Universal Rep
06-10-14, 3:08 pm
You have to do a 'Big On A Budget' video, except with Euros of course.

And rice cakes.

Seein as Rex is comin stateside for the vid projects, dont think it'll be in Euros... Unless he tries using Euros at Marazzos, haha...

06-10-14, 6:03 pm
Aah... I just re-read the first post and saw it was in the USA. OK then, how about coping with travelling when bodybuilding? Germany to the US must be a 10 hour flight or so? How does a pro athlete prepare for something like that? Especially the hydration aspect, as I find I get really dehydrated on planes.

I also looked up Marazzo's. Classy.

06-10-14, 10:30 pm
A "day in the life of Roman" type video.

A big on a budget video, $50 or $100

Lots of training videos (for each body part: legs, chest, shoulders, etc.)
I love his style of training: strict and controlled with full contractions, so i would to see a video on each body part.

06-16-14, 12:44 pm
it would be cool to see him on a road trip again with a bunch of the other athletes, namely frank, antoine, callie, naturalguy. you know olympia is right around the corner here. start in so cal like usual and end in vegas like usual.

edit: day in the life would be bad ass, but im sure he would have to be home for that video
and the big on a budget would be cool because i know he posts a lot of junk food on instagram so it would be interesting to see what "metabolic freak" is all about

06-17-14, 10:09 am
big on a budget would be sweet.

Altered Beast
06-17-14, 10:31 am
I'd personally like to see a video regarding how training, nutrition and lifestyle are different between Germany and the States or at least how things are done over there.

Would be fun to see footage of Germany =)