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07-03-14, 11:26 am
What's goin on fellas,

I was recently granted the opportunity to become a late entry in the ATP for Project A. I haven't received the package yet, but wanted to give you guys a little background info before it gets here & I get started with the testing.

I am currently 16 days out from Teen Nationals. I am just coming off of two shows, the Long Island Championships (which was May 31st), and the Atlantic States (June 21st). It should be interesting to see the effects of Project A on a low carb/calorie restricted contest prep diet, when recovery times are down to begin with.

My current diet/supplementation is set up like this:

Meal 1 - 10oz chicken breast, 3 oz asparagus, Animal Pak/Flex/Omega, 1 scoop micro greens, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, digestive enzymes
Meals 2-4 - 10oz fish (usually either flounder or wild caught catfish), 3 oz asparagus, digestive enzymes
Meal 5 (Preworkout) - 10oz fish, 3oz asparagus, 2 rice cakes, 1 tablespoon fruit preserves, digestive enzymes
Preworkout - 1 scoop Universal Shock Therapy, 1 pack Animal Pump, 65mg ephedrine (I also add in 1 scoop of Animal Rage on leg days and/or days that I'm especially draggin ass)
Intra-workout - 3 scoops Atomic 7 (mixed with a gallon of water)
Meal 6 (Immediately postworkout) - 6oz chicken breast, 4 oz top round london broil, 3oz asparagus, 2 rice cakes, 1 tablespoon fruit preserves, digestive enzymes
Meal 7 - 10 oz fish, 3 oz asparagus, digestive enzymes, 1 scoop micro greens, 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, ZMA, 1 scoop Somatomax (a sleep-aid supplement)

My current workout routine is set up like this:

Monday - Chest/Tris
Tuesday - Back/Bis
Wednesday - Shoulders/Delts
Thursday - Legs (Quad dominant)
Friday - Chest
Saturday - Arms
Sunday - Legs (Hamstring dominant)
30 min of cardio per day
Starting next week, I'll be adding in 15-30 min of posing per day

I'm extremely excited and proud to be given the opportunity to be a part of the testing program. Looking forward to seeing the results, I know Animal/Universal products never disappoint!

Feel free to follow me on social media as well, where I'll be posting progress pictures/updates!

Instagram: @korn_fed
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gunthner

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07-04-14, 2:58 am
Programs changed up a little bit. Got a new coach, I'll be working with Max Charles leading into teen nationals (5th place at the NY Pro this past year). He took a look at me and said I needed a cheat meal, so I went out and had two double patty burgers with fries, then two brownies from a local bakery, and smashed quads. Started out with 45 min cardio (30 on bike, 15 on treadmill). Moved on into three sets of Squats/Leg Extension Superset, ranging from 8-12 reps (to failure). Second exercise was the plate-loaded front squat hammer strength machine. Four sets, worked my way up to 16 plates on my last set for 3 reps (failure). Next exercise was called the "squat press machine"; again, four sets, working my way up to 16 plates for 10 reps (failure). Last but not least was what I like to call the leg extension "death set"; a dropset consisting of 6 plates to failure, 5 plates to failure, 4 plates to failure, 3 plates to failure, 2 plates to failure, 1 plate to failure, then back up to 3 plates for partials to failure, 2 plates for partials to failure, and one plate for partials with static holds on top to failure. Finished of with 15 min of bike.
Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing 45-60 minutes fasted cardio every morning (aminos taken pre cardio), and all my meals will now consist of fish (no more chicken/steak). I'll be staying at 50g carbs per day split between my pre and post workout meal, but may increase them according to how I look come Sunday.

07-04-14, 8:40 am
Psyched to follow along- just added you in Instagram (brundokicks). Looks like you're really grinding I'm sure you'll do well! What gym do you train at? I'm often in Long Island we could grab a workout after your prep is through. Following along!

07-04-14, 8:56 am
Psyched to follow along- just added you in Instagram (brundokicks). Looks like you're really grinding I'm sure you'll do well! What gym do you train at? I'm often in Long Island we could grab a workout after your prep is through. Following along!

I train at Bev Frqncis Powerhouse Gym over in Syosset brother. I'd be honored to catch a lift with you either during or after prep! My cellphone number is 6319012694 feel free to hit me up any time youre around my man!

07-09-14, 2:02 am
Got my package in the mail today! Much has changed since I last posted; I had to drop out of the Teen Nationals, reason being my body shut down on me. I had been in contest prep for 10 months straight, and my body said enoughs enough.
I gave myself the weekend off from the gym, and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. I cleaned the diet back up by monday, although still not structured, and hit back last night. Tonight was shoulders, ill post the workout below. By tomorrow I should have a logged diet so it stays consistent.

7pm - ATP #1 - Smells like grape soy sauce; tastes almost exactly like grape atomic 7, more sweet and less tart. Metallic after taste
Smell - 5/10
Taste - 7-8/10

Rear cable flyes - 4 sets of 25 per handx20

Cable Presses - 52.5x20, 62.5x20, 72.5x12, 82.5x8>42.58
Upright Rows - 135x10, 185x8, 205x7, 225x6(failure)>135x12(failure)
DB Laterals - 40x15, 60x12, 80x6(failure)>50x10(failure)>35x10(failure)
Seated Hammer Strength Shrugs - 4 sets of 50 per side x 20 w/ 1 second hold on top, shoulder blades pinched back
Rear Delt Machine Flyes w/ 5 second hold on last rep - 100x12, 140x12, 180x10
Seated side lateral machine death dropset to failure on each: 135x12>115x9>95x6>7510x>55x10>35x17

10 - ATP #2 - Smells like orange tang, tastes like sunkist but not too sweet
Smell - 7-8/10
Taste - 8-9/10, not too sweet which is nice post workout
Very refreshing post workout!

I defonitely noticed reduced recovery times between sets, and little to no soreness an hour post workout. I also noticed that my pain threshold was slightly higher; it seemed easier to pass through the pain barrier especially on the dropsets.

Tomorrow i should be training arms and like i said on a consistent diet. Stay tuned!

07-09-14, 10:02 am
Smart to listen to your body

07-09-14, 12:35 pm
Subbed here! Saw your post already on IG and I'm looking forward to your thoughts.

07-12-14, 10:36 am
Sorry I havent posted in a while fellas, been crazy busy this week helping my friend prep for the Phil Heath summer Clasdic! Heres a quick update:

My diet is currently:
Meal 1 - 30g whey isolate, 24g casein, 2 tbsp peanut butter, animal pak/omega
Meals 2-4 - 12oz red meat (either flank steak or ground bison) & vegetables
Meals 5 & 6 (pre and post workout) - 70g simple carbs, 12oz white fish (usually catfish), vegetables
Pre workout - 1 scoop Shock Therapy, 1 pack Animal Pump, 1 scoop Project Alpha
Intra-workout - 3 scoops Atomic 7, 2 scoops simple carb powder (70g of simple carbs)
Immediately post workout (30-60 minutes before eating meal 6) - 1 scoop Project Alpha
Meal 7 (before bed) - 12oz red meat, vegetables

7-9-14 - Arms Day
Cable curls - 40x20, 60x20, 80x20, 100x20, 120x20
Cable vbar extensions - 60x20, 80x20, 100x20, 120x20, 150x20

Bodyweight dips - 3 sets of 20
Bodyweight Chinups - 3 sets of 20

Close grip bench - 135x20, 225x10, 275x7, 315x6>225x8>135x15

Close grip ezbar curls - 50x20, 80x15, 130x8, 180x4>130x6>80x15

Skullcrushers - 80x20, 100x20, 120x20
Spider EZ curls - 50x20, 60x20, 70x20

Tricep Rope Extensions w/ 5 second hold on bottom and 5 second negative - 100x10, 120x8, 150x6>100x6(no holds)>50x10(no holds)

Cable drag curls w/ 5 sec hold on top and 5 sec negative - 65x10, 85x8, 105x6>45x12(no holds)>15x15(no holds)

7-11-14 - Chest day

Warmup: 3 sets of standing cable flyes, 32.5lbs per side, 20 reps

DB Bench Press: 100s x12, 110s x10, 120s x8, 130s x6, 135s x9

DB Flat Flyes, feet on bench, 4 second negative - 50x12, 60x8, dropset: 70x6>40x8

1) Hammer Strength Decline Press, 1 sec hold on top and bottom: 1 plate per side x20, 2 plates x15, 3 plates x12, 4 plates x10
2) Seated Hammer Strength Decline Cable Flyes - 25 per side x20, 35x12, 50x5, dropset: 45x12>25x25

Notes: The strongest feeling I am getting so far from Project Alpha is that it seems much easier to push past the pain barrier, especially on dropsets. I have been having INCREDIBLE pumps (i mean some serious skin splitting shit) but that could be attributed to both the Shock Therapy/Animal Pump and the fact that im adding in carbs after months of depletion, and not necessarily from the Project Alpha. It will be interesting to see if Im still getting pumps of the same magnitude after the testing for Project Alpha ends. Ive also noticed that Im not getting as sore as Id expect. I have been getting sore by the end of my workouts this week before even leaving the gym, which usually means that DOMS for the days to come is going to be a bitch, but the next day I wake up and barely feel any soreness. Again, that could be contributed to outside factors, but its something to keep in mind, as thats what Project Alpha is intended for.

07-12-14, 10:50 am
Smart to listen to your body
Initially I was really disappointed and doubted if I should pull out, but after having a long talk with big Max, he got through to me and reminded me about keeping longevity in the sport. Cant put all my eggs in one basket! Plus I feel much better now, everything is responding on point

Subbed here! Saw your post already on IG and I'm looking forward to your thoughts.
Love it so far. The biggest thing Ive noticed like I said is the ability to push further past the pain barrier. After using Project Alpha I always end up cranking out an extra 5-10 reps I didnt think I had in me on those real intense dropsets

07-16-14, 4:07 pm
7/13/14 - Back
Pullups - Bodyweight x12, BW+25x8, Dropset: BW+50x6>BWx8
BB Rows - 185x15, 225x12, 275x10, Dropset: 315x8>225x6>135x12
DB Rows - 100x12, 125x10, 150x6
1) Wide Grip Pulldowns - 100x20, 150x15, 200x12
2) Hammer Grip Pulldowns - 100x15, 120x12, 150x12
Cable Pullovers - 3 sets of 200x20 w/ 1 second hold on bottom, 4th set dropet: 200xFailure, 150xFailure, 100xFailure, 50xFailure

7/14/14 - Legs
1) Donkey Calf Raises w/ 1 sec hold on top and bottom - 180x15, 230x15, 270x12, 320x10, 360x6>180 x failure
2) Standing Calf Raises - 200x15, 220x12, 240x10, 260x9 (no fifth set after donkey calf raise dropset)
1) Plate Loaded Leg Curls (1 ½ reps - All the way down, half way up, half way down, all the way up = 1 rep) - 90x15, 115x12, Dropset: 135x6>115x6
2) Leg Extensions (just to warm up the knees) - 3 sets of 90x20-30
Squats - 135x12, 185x10, 225x6, 275x4
Box Squats - 315x6, 365x4, 405x1
Time under tension Vertical Leg Press (5-1-5-1-5-1-5 scheme: 5 normal reps, 1 rep 5 second negative & 5 second positive) - 180lbs, 360lbs, 410lbs, 360lbs
1) Leg Curls w/ 1 sec hold on top, trying to lift glutes off pad - 100x15, 120x12, 150x8+cheat reps to failure
2) Straight Leg Deadlifts w/ 4 second negative & 1 second stretch on bottom - 3 sets of 135x10-15
Leg Extension “Death Set” (total dropset to absolute failure) - 240 x Failure, 200 x Failure, 150 x Failure, 100 x Failure, 50 x Failure, 150 x Partials to failure, 100 x Partials to failure, 80 x Partials to failure, 60 x Partials to failure

7/15/14 - Chest/Tris
Warmup Superset:
1) Tricep Extensions - 3 sets 30 reps
2) Rear Delt Flys - 3 sets 20 reps
3) Machine Pec Flys - 3 sets 12-15 reps
DB Incline Press - 60x20, 100x10, 100x10, 100x9, 100x12
Hammer Strength Incline 21s (7 bottom to half, 7 half to top, 7 full) - 45(per side)x21, 90x21, 90x21, 90x21>45x21
Incline Pec Contractor w/ 1 sec hold on top - 60x12, 60x12, 70x12, 80x20
Plate Loaded Flat Bench Machine - 180x20, 230x15, 270x12, Dropset: 360x8>180x12
Standing Cable Flys - 60(per side)x25, 100x10, 120x10, 150x8
Reverse Grip Tricep Extensions - 100x20, 150x15, 200x12
One Arm Across The Body Tricep Extensions - 17.5(per arm)x20, 27.5x12, dropset: 32.5x8>12.5x12

Been loving the Project A so far. I think the most pronounced effects are being able to push far beyond the pain barrier, mind muscle connection, and keeping a pump throughout the workout and even for hours later after the workout. I've been noticing that I'm still holding a little pump even 3 hours after I'm done training and eating my last carb meal. As for recovery, everything has been about 90% DOMS-free the next day with the exception of legs; I had full DOMS the next day and even worse DOMS the day after

07-16-14, 4:11 pm
I'll be posting my final thoughts later tonight. Unfortunately I was submitted late to the testing program so I didn't get the full amount of workouts in, but I have had some great results using the Project Alpha in the few workouts that I was able to fit in.

07-18-14, 3:14 pm
I had a late start to the Alpha testing, and haven't yet finished off both tubs, but here's my "final" review thus far:

Dosage: 1 scoop pre-workout (with Shock Therapy and Animal Pump), 1 scoop immediately post-workout, 30-60 minutes prior to eating my post workout meal
I also drank 3 scoops of Atomic 7 and 70g of a fast acting carb drink intra-workout with a gallon of water.

This thread is for all Project A alpha testers (athletes, testers) to post their final thoughts about Project A.

On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate the following while using Project A:
• Recovery - I'll give it a strong 8. I definitely noticed a huge reduction in DOMS the day after, even though I was putting myself through insane workouts with plenty of dropsets, supersets, forced negatives, static contractions, and any intensity technique that you can think of. Normally these workouts would render whatever muscle I worked out useless the next day; instead, I felt like I had barely even trained.
• Fatigue reduction - Definitely a 9/10. I noticed I was able to push way past the pain barrier. On most exercises, I hit failure because I just had too much of a pump, and not necessarily because the muscle was fatigued. This is something I have NEVER felt before... It was pretty damn amazing!
• Performance - 6/7; I was able to take less rest time between sets, but it wasn't as dramatic of an effect as in other areas. Nonetheless, still made a noticeable difference. This goes hand in hand with the fatigue aspect.
• Flavor - Flavor #1 - 7/8 Tastes almost exactly like grape Atomic 7, just less tart and more sweet. Flavor #2 - 8/9 Tastes like sunkist, but not too sweet. I cast my vote on #2 over #1, but both flavors are pretty good, I'd be happy with them even if no more changes were made. It's nice that they're not overly sweet, especially after intense leg training when you have an uneasy stomach as it is. On a side note: the smell of #1 was pretty funky, almost like a grape soy sauce
• Color - 10; Not much to say here. Both powders had easily distinguishable colors that let you know what flavor you're about to consume. The colors match the flavors perfectly
• Mixability - 10; Never had any issues with clumping or getting grit at the bottom. Even mixed it with Shock Therapy on some days instead of drinking it separately and it still mixed well.

Also, please summarize your full thoughts about your experience with Project A.
- The two most noticeable effects were 1) Being able to push way past the pain barrier and failing out on exercises because the pump made me unable to perform a complete range of motion instead of failing because of muscular fatigue; 2) When I took one scoop post workout, I noticed my pump would stick around a lot longer after my workout. There were some days when I noticed I still had a little pump even 2-3 hours after finishing training.
- Honestly, the only thing I would change is the smell of that damn grape soy sauce lmao! But other than that, I can't think of much I'd want to change. It was a pretty incredible experience; Like I said, I've never had pumps so bad that cause me to fail out on an exercise before I hit muscular failure, so that was a pretty insane and enjoyable experience.