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07-07-14, 9:22 pm
Hey Guys!

Super excited to begin my Project A testing today! I would have started sooner but was out of country for a week and stuck using resistance bands but now that I am pack in a real gym I can give a thorough and honest review.

First Thoughts:
Colors- I know its not something I normally notice but in the black jars the colors of Project A really stand out (Purple and Yellow)

Mixing- Even with a bit over one scoop and in a hydra-bottle (which for those of you that don't know is a shaker split down the middle) Project A mixed extremely well.

Taste- What struck me about the taste of Project A is that while having a good full-bodied flavor neither were overly sweet like similar products. This is a massive plus as I've had issues with similar supplements being too sweet and hurting my stomach before lifts.

Performance-I'm not entirely sure how much information I am allowed to give away, but safe to say initial testing proves Project A to be among the best supplements I have tried in this category. More information to come as I continue this testing!

07-07-14, 10:13 pm
In for comparisons to my own trials

07-09-14, 10:11 am
Just wanter to drop a quick post and say that day 2 on Project A was just as good, if not better than the first. I cant wait to be able to write my full review

07-09-14, 10:47 am
Subbed here! Looking forward to your full thoughts.